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  1. Yes. you can. I'm in the same boat with Aug,09 priority date, going to file I-485 using approved EB3 I-140. Personally I think EB3 will be better option for August 2009 PD's.
  2. nycgc

    H1 Stamping in Canada

    I recently stamped in Ottawa (4th in Ottawa itself), got passport on 5th day (Day-1 stamping). I had my interview on Monday and there were no updates until Thursday but was able to collect passport on Friday.
  3. Hi Avar - Thank you for replying. My status changed to "Issued" at around 11 AM today and tracking number has been updated as well. Hopefully, i'll be able to pick up passport tomorrow.
  4. Still in admin processing with no updates from Embassy. This wait really sucks.
  5. All - Sorry for the typos in the thread subject line, did it in a hurry from phone. Has anyone attended H1 interview in Ottawa on or after May-16 got the passport back or status changed to "Issued"?
  6. I had my H1 stamping on May 16 and the DS 160 status is still admin processing, as per VO at the time of interview it was approved. Has anyone been in similiar situation before?
  7. All, I had my visa stamping on May,16 but the status still shows admin processing. As per VO during the interview the visa is approved, any idea whats going on? I'm FTE of global bank and this is my 4th stamping in Ottawa.
  8. This is going to be my 4th stamping in Ottawa, i've been going there since 2007 and the passport return time keeps going up, if i remember correctly, i got the passport back on the same day in 2007 and it took 4 days in my last stamping in 2013.
  9. nycgc

    H1B Stamping on May 9th 2016 in Ottawa

    How long did it take you to get the passport back?
  10. Can anyone who has recently attended H1 interview in Ottawa share the info? I've interview scheduled on 05/16, want to get an estimate on how many days should i wait in Ottawa to get the passport.
  11. Hi JoeF - Can you provide the source of your info? I would like to know if there is any such law that prevents filing of two 485's one with myself as primary and wife as derivative and second one where my wife is primary and myself as derivative. Even though my wife has earlier priority date, my job situation is better so i don't want to be in situation where she looses her job and filing dates retrogress. On a lighter note, i didn't know that USCIS is enforcing common sense not US law.
  12. My priority date is May-2011 (EB2), wife priority date is Oct-2009 (EB2). We both are FTE's of two different companies. Is there any advantage of filing two 485's, one with my wife as primary and second one with myself as primary? I think two 485's will give us more flexibility with future job situations (if one of us looses the job or stop working, we can continue on with other persons 485). Please share your thoughts. As per some forum posts, USCIS will merge both cases at the time of approving the one that has the earliest priority date, so as far as the processing is concerned, it shouldn't cause any delays.
  13. vvs123- Have you received your passport yet?
  14. As per the forum posts, if everything goes well in the interiew, you should get the passport back on the third business day. Have you received the courier way bill notice?