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  1. Hello friends , Wanted to share some information regarding filing DS160 for photo and finger printing wrt Hyderabad OFC center. This is striclty for people who are not having any surname in passports : While filling the DS160 form you have to fill the given name as surname and FNU as given name. Example : If in passport your name is like : Surname - <Empty> Given name - rajesh prasad Then while filling the DS 160 form you have to enter : Surname - rajesh prasad Given name - FNU when i first went to Hyderabad OFC center they asked to fill out the complete form again as per the details above and gave me an hour to do so. Just dont want others to face the same problem. I was not asked for any photos as well. Note : Just want to reiterate, i faced this problem @ Hyderabad OFC center, not sure how its been done at other OFC centers.
  2. rahamat_234

    EVC-221G White-Ottawa

    Hi KK, Congrats on your visa, last few days might have been most frustrating days for you. Enjoy your flight back home, all the best. Rahamat.
  3. rahamat_234

    New Delhi or Mumbai embassy ? Reaffirmed case

    You can check my email at my profile, or my profilename at yahoo dot com.
  4. rahamat_234

    New Delhi or Mumbai embassy ? Reaffirmed case

    by the way my email id is ************** at yahoo dot com
  5. Hi Deep, Not sure about current situation but I had travelled on B1 in 2010 when my H1 was under administrative processing but visa officer didnt take my passport after the interview.
  6. Hi Rksingh, Can you please share the interview experience with the visa officer. Whats questions / documents were asked ?
  7. rahamat_234

    New Delhi or Mumbai embassy ? Reaffirmed case

    Hi Trivedi, All the consulates have the complete history of the applicants, irrespective of the consulate you choose they get to know ur details. I am also in the same situation, my case was reaffirmed after 1 year 3 months and i was asked to pay the fees and book an appointment just recently. I am yet to receive the original reaffirmed document from employer to proceed further. I am planning to go for reinterview at delhi consulate. Can you share ur contact details so that we can share some useful information. Thanks, Rahamat.
  8. rahamat_234

    case Reaffirmed

    Hi Trivedi, My case is also similar to yours, can you please share the process after reaffirmation. Rahamat.
  9. rahamat_234


    Hi Trivedi, I gave my visa interview on April 17th 2012 and visa officer took my passport and documents and asked for few more documents. Which i submitted a day letter. June i got a letter stating that your case is being sending back to USCIS for revocation and blah blah.... On July 6, USCIS website status changed to like they received the case from visa consulate and they are reviewing it. On September 5th, USCIS status said that the case is reaffirmed but after waiting for the reaffirmed document for another 6 months. On March 6th the status changed to Intend to Revoke (Some people call it NOIR). Just waiting for the notice to reply back to USCIS and as usual wait for an update. Coming to your case : My best suggestion is dont expect a definite time period for USCIS to reaffirm a case. Instead try difference options. Rahamat.
  10. My case is also similar to yours, my H1 I129 petition was send back to uscis for review on June 6th 2012. On sep 5th 2012 USCIS status changed to : petition reaffirmed and send back to visa office for processing. After several calls and mails to both uscis and visa office, i get a reply today i.e Jan 14th 2013 that there is an error from uscis in status change and the case is still under review.
  11. rahamat_234

    New Delhi 221g Green slip April/May Tracker

    Update on my case : H1 send back to USCIS and recently reaffirmed. Details : Interview Attended : 17th April 2012 Consulate : Delhi Documents Submitted : 19th April 2012 Model : EC Passport Returned on June 5th with the rejection mail, strangely the letter was dated may 1st. Dont understand why consulate send me the passport and rejection letter so late when it was rejected on may 1st. Moreover neither client not employer were contacted. H1 is reaffirmed on sep 5th, waiting for the reaffirmed documents. Will have to check with the consulate for reinterview. A1BApril2012 and Joshig, any updates on your case ?
  12. rahamat_234

    How to search for new job and employer staying in INDIA

    Naukri, Monster are some of the sites which are famous in india for job search, there are n number of sites available do a generic search you will know.
  13. rahamat_234

    New Delhi 221g Green slip April/May Tracker

    Guys please share your experiences.... Still waiting for an update from my side, calling DOS and sending mails to VFS Delhi for updates but keep getting the same status "Pending.... "
  14. Hi all, I had my second H1 Visa interview @ New Delhi Consulate on 17th April 2012. After general questions VO kept passport and handed over 221g green to submit documents, which i submitted a day later. Still waiting for an update. Guys please share your experiences here who have attended visa interview at New Delhi in April/May. Thanks, Rahamat.
  15. @ skotrik : thankyou very much.