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  1. I had my interview on Sep 28th, you do not need to submit any documents in advance. But try to send a PIMS verification email to vancouverNIV by attaching your appoitment confirmation page and I-797.
  2. Hi, Congrats on your visa stamping.I am planning to go to Canada for my stamping. I need some help. Could you please provide me your ph no / Email. Thanks

  3. ramauto

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Hi Rashee, I have my appointment on September 27th at Vancouver. Can you please tell me do we need PIMS verification for Canda and my H1b visa was expired last year, but my new I 797 is valid till 2014, so I am eligible to get Canadian visiting visa. Can you please reply back to me as soon as you can. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Nath_Chris, Do we need PIMS verification for Vancouver, Canada? Are you a full time employee or EVC model. Thanks in advance.
  5. ramauto

    Visa stamping in Canada

    Hello I am on EVC model.So do i need to carry Employer -vendor agreement and Client -vendor agreement for my visa interview? Please suggest
  6. Hello, I booked the appointment for the H1B renewal stamping in vancouver canada. i got a conformation e-mail from the consulate for the appointment and then in the required documents section i have seen this statement . A passport valid for travel to the United States and valid for at least 6 months beyond the applicant's intended period of stay in the United States unless country specific agreements provide exceptions. Consult http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/104770.pdf for exemptions. If more than one person is included in the passport, each person desiring a visa must make an application. My passport is expiring next year but H1B is valid till 2014. But India is mentioned in the expection country list. Does any one know if i can go for the stamping or do i need to get my passport renewed before i go for stamping ?
  7. ramauto

    H1B Successful Renewal - Vancouver

    Hello lapakshi, can you please e-mail your contact information ? I have an appointment on OCT13 and my wife has on OCT 12 . My e-mail address is reddy.krc@*****.com. Did vo asked for your w2's ? if so did they compare with the amount on 1-120 petition?
  8. @srinathchowdary How did you reschedule the appointment?Can you please give me your contact info so that i can disucss regarding the stamping i am planning to attend in the same date range but i am not able to find the date . what time in the day are the dates openining ? you can e-mail me at reddy.krc@*****.com
  9. ramauto

    H1 B Stamping at vancouver canada

    Can some body please share their experience. I would really appreciate it .
  10. @gagarli yes i am in EVC model.
  11. Hello Srinath, Can you please provide me your contact details in USA so that i had some questions. This is my renewal,for my 1st stamping i went to Bahamas and my wife went to india for stamping ,So do you think we both are eligible to attend for the H1B nenewal visa in canada. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks Ram,
  12. ramauto

    Successfull stamping in Tijuana Mexico on 7th Sep

    Hello, I got my my first H1B stamping from Bahamas,so can we i still go to mexico for my H1B renewal visa stamping? i had one more question regading the w2s.Is that a problem if amount on the w2 is less than the LCA. Please let me know if there any one who got their Visa stamped successfully with the above case.
  13. HI I am planning to attend but i havent yet booked the appointment. Are you in EVC model or a Full time?
  14. ramauto

    Stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    So when are you planning to attend the visa interview in Tijuana? Are you a FT employement or E-V-C mdel?So you said we need to book the dates by caling them is that truw?
  15. Hello, Me and my wife are planning to go for our H!B renewal stamping in vancouver,canada. I am a Full time and My wife is on EVC model. Can some one share their experience at this consulate? I would really appreciate it.