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  1. Hi All, Yes i received my passport next with visa stamped on it : ) Feb 20 attended interview at Hyd consulate Issued 221(g) and said case needs additional administrative processing. March 15 received an Email from consulate to submit the passport. March 18 received my visa March 20th I picked up the passport from consulate. Please let me know if you need additional details.
  2. My previous status was "Under administrative processing" Now currently it changed to : U.S. Department of State NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Issued Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. What does this mean exactly ?? can any one please give me a clear clarifications on this ?? is my visa been pasted to my passport now ?
  3. Hi Guys, I attended my visa interview on Feb 12 2013 and the interview went quite well with simple questions and later VO took all my documents and returned my passport saying it needs further administrative processing. Whereas my online visa information says "NVC scheduled Appointment". But 5 days back i received an email from consulate to submit my passport to process my case further and i have submitted my passport to consulate. My question is : Are there any possibilities of having an another visa interview ? or is it my visa information not the updated one yet ? why is it still showing NVC scheduled appointment ? and in another website it says "Under administrative processing" Why there are two different status on my application ? Is this quite normal and usual process?
  4. H1UKUser

    Need an advice on H1B

    My initial petition took more than 6 months to change the status from initial review to approved status. and took few months for post decision activity and now i am awaiting for the approved petition to move on to visa process. SO , My interview wouldn't be some thing special :))
  5. H1UKUser

    Need an advice on H1B

    Hi Pontevecchio, Yes my h1b petitioner is aware of my interview.
  6. H1UKUser

    Need an advice on H1B

    Hi ALL , Thanks a ton for your responses . I think i didn't explained my case properly. I worked for a company X in australia and got an offer from a new US company Y when i was in australia. Later my australian visa got expired and i came back to India. After coming back to India my H1B petition filed by Y company was approved. Meanwhile in india i started working for another company. So my current company and previous australian company are no where related to company whol filed my H1B petition. Hope it is clear now.
  7. H1UKUser

    Need an advice on H1B

    Hi Guys, I worked for some xyz company in Australia and my H1B visa was filed last year by some xyz company . Now i am currently located to India and started for another company since few months. How does this going to affect my visa interview if i attend in India? What kind of things can i expect in Interview ? I am quite confused. Can any one suggest. Thanks.