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  1. svadala

    Travel Question

    Hello All, my daughter (2 years old) will be traveling from Hyderabad to San Francisco with my brother and sister-in-law through Cathay Pacific Airlines. Since my daughter will not be traveling with me or my wife, should I have to provide any authorization letter to my brother and sister-in-law? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  2. svadala

    Visitor visa question

    Nope. They are just planning for a vacation. They both are doctors and wouldn't be staying in US for more than 4 weeks. However my question was can they take visa interview appointment as a family? Thanks for the response though.
  3. svadala

    Visitor visa question

    Hello All, I have a quick question on applying for a visitor visa for my mother and sister-in-law. While taking the appointment, can I choose to pick the interview as a family interview? My brother already has a valid visitor visa, so he wouldn't be going for the interview. Any information on this is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Not sure about vancouver, but in Toronto usually they give your passport back... Also if you are planning to travel to India in case of 221g, then make sure you have a multiple entry visa for Canada... If called, you have to go back to Canada...
  5. There is no good or bad answer. You should at all the time mention only the facts. Do not try to cook up things to make up a good answer. If your case goes for further processing you will be in trouble in my opinion.
  6. svadala

    visa expired. with new approved I-797

    You can! Read the below link! http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/info/info_1299.html
  7. svadala

    221G (yellow slip) Toronto - September 12 2011

    If your visa is struck under 221(g), your application is still open and might not get a transit or temporary visa until they reach a decision. * Not sure on this though When I asked the VO the same question 'Is there any possibility of travelling back to India?' - He said I can go anywhere in the world other than the US, but I have to come back to submit the passport if called for and this cannot be processed in any US consulate other than here (Toronto). So if you are traveling to Canada, make sure you get a multiple entry visa before you go.
  8. svadala

    221G (yellow slip) Toronto - September 12 2011

    Updated my profile. thnx.
  9. svadala

    Please share your EC Model experience

    Ohh yeah! They did focus a lot on empler-empee relationship... a) I see you got an extension of 3 years. So from when are you in US? -- Sep 2006 b) It would be more than 6 years. Is your green card in process? If yes I need to see a copy of it. -- Gave copy of 140 c) What exactly does your company do? -- Answered briefly d) What is the project you are working on and your role? -- Answered briefly e) Will you be working at the client location? -- Yes. I do have a letter from the client stating my job duties and handed it over. f) Whom do you report your day to day activities and who exactly assigns you the work on your project? -- Client manager, but I do report to my company's manager on a weekly basis regarding the status and issues if any. g) How many employees from your company are allocated to the project you are working on? is there a manager from your company onsite working in the same project? -- None. I am the only one at my client's location h) Do u have masters from US? If not how did u find an employer and a job in US? -- Answered j) Can I see your recent pay stubs? -- Gave pay slips for the last 1 yr Finally I was asked to write down my client manager's name on ds 160 with his role, and list of all my previous employers and the dates I have worked for them. Later the officer handed me a 221(g) yellow slip and said it should take around a couple of weeks to conclude your application.
  10. svadala

    Client Letter - EC model

    In my opinion it should be fine if they said the project is outsourced to your employer. Just make sure that the letter says they don't have control over the period you will be employed by your employer. In addition they don't pay you salary nor benefits and they aren't authorized to assign you to other employers or projects. Finally they have to include your project description and your job duties.
  11. svadala

    Please share your EC Model experience

    Model: EC Had my interview on Sep 26th in Toronto. VO issued a 221g yellow and said it might take a couple of weeks to make a decision. My client was contacted on the same day for verification. Got an email on Oct 19th to drop the passport and got it back with visa the following week. I don't mean to disappoint others planning for a stamping in Toronto, but be prepared for a delay if VO finds your answers or any documentation inconclusive. Best wishes!
  12. svadala

    221G (yellow slip) Toronto - September 12 2011

    Finally got my passport with visa after 30 calendar days! Good luck for others who are waiting...
  13. You can read Murthy's Bulletin to get your answer
  14. svadala

    221G (yellow slip) Toronto - September 12 2011

    Its become very uncertain now a days in Toronto. I am waiting with a yellow 221 g from almost 25 days... Lets hope the best for all of us.
  15. See my personal opinion inline...