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  1. Thanks for the response. I got my green card approved and received my cards yesterday, Thanks Murthy Law firm for your outstanding support.
  2. suumm

    EAD - Can I work two jobs

    Hi here is the detailed information of my situation, Currently I am working with an employer A on H1B. I got EAD with employer A. I am offered a part time job from a college which accepts EAD. So am I eligible to work on two jobs one with my H1 and other with my EAD.
  3. suumm

    EAD - Can I work two jobs

    Hi, I have my EAD and I want to check if I am eligible to work at two places. I am currently working with an employre A on H1 Approved 7months ago. I am planning to take a part time job at store. Is it fine if I work for two people at same time. Please let me know as I can take the opportunity with your suggestions.
  4. suumm

    Finally,my EAD approved and CARD arrived today

    I received my EAD card after 7months of my approval. It got approved on Feb24th and receive the card on Sep24th.
  5. Yes, my spouse got EAD and AP approved on a single card.
  6. suumm

    EAD RFE Response and Processing CSC

    Hi Niko, Usually the clock turns back when an RFE is issued. So it would take upto 3months for them to take a decision and sometimes early also. For me it took 7months for them to send my approved card. Good luck.
  7. suumm

    Working on EAD

    Hi, I have my EAD and I am wondering if I can work two jobs on EAD. My EAD is approved 7months back. My 485 is in current and I am waiting for interview dates. I am currently working for my Employer A and I am asked if I can take a part time job from another employer B. Please provide any suggestions if I can work two jobs. Also, if I want to change my current employer, how many months I need to work for him on my EAD. Thanks for your help
  8. suumm

    EAD - RFE- More than 6months

    After 10months of wait, I have received my EAD, but Advance Parol is not attached, So I am going for an InfoPass to get an update on this.
  9. suumm

    EAD - RFE- More than 6months

    Hi SV thank you. I have applied for Advance Parol also but these days, advance Parol is coming in combination with the EAD card.
  10. suumm

    EAD - RFE- More than 6months

    Hi, We have applied for I-765 in Nov 2010, Current dates as we applied under cross chargeability, EB2. My spouse from Nepal got I-765 approved in March. I got query in Feb asking for A#. We had answered on Feb22nd. In July we called and they said they dont have my photos and asked me to send my photos, I had sent my photos to them. Today I had an info pass appointment and I was told my EAD was approved long time back and card is mailed. I told, I never received any card and few months back they asked for my photos and I sent to them. The office called to check the status but no one received, so he said he is sending an email to the officer who has my card and will ask him to mail it. I was told I should receive my card in 2-4weeks as it was approved in August itself. Can someone suggest me what to do, I am planning to go to India for my sisters marriage. Anything that I can do now to have my card mailed fast. Please suggest.
  11. Hi, I need help and suggestions. I had filed our case in Nov 2010. Cross Chargeability, EB2, I am primary and spouse Nepal. I got a query they asked to re take my fingure prints and send biometrics. It has been over 5months we submitted the response but no response from them. Today I had an info pass appointment and the officer asked you did not have an interview, they are working on setting up and interview for u. Does cross chargeability applicants need to go for an interview??
  12. suumm

    Strange EAD situation

    Filed under Cross chargeability. EB2 I am from India and my spouse Nepal. EAD Applied on 11/22. My spouse got approved on 03/09. I got query asking for A# we submitted and waited for 3months.On 06/14 we called USCIS and they said my EAD is approved a while ago but for some reason card is not sent. On 07/12 we called USCIS and they said they had sent a document asking for signature and photos and they asked to wait till 07/14 and if we don't receive then they asked to call them back. On 7/14 we called the office and they asked us to send two signatures and two photos to them they have instructed my attorney how to send the signature documents and photos. We had sent photos and documents on 7/18, but its over 2weeks that there is no news from them. Can someone please pleas help me in this and let me know how I need to proceed or wait till they comeback, I need to travel to India end of August for my brothers wedding.
  13. suumm

    EAD Not received

    Hi,need your input in my case. I primary from India and my spouse from Nepal. Filed under cross chargeability EB2. I-765 filed on Nov 22nd. My spouse EAD is approved and I got RFE on Feb 25th. RFE answered on March 4th, over 4months RFE received still the status. We called the office on June 15th and they said that my EAD is approved a while ago but for some reasons card is not sent. Customer service said that they will raise a request and look into the case and if needed they might ask for another finger print. I already gave biometrics twice. My attorney said we should not call for status before 30days. Its been over 20days but still did not receive any update or the card. Can someone please suggest me how to proceed now, or what would happen next, I am worried as we are planning to travel india this August.
  14. suumm

    RFE response review - No update after 60 days!

    HI, I am also on the same boat. EB2 Cross chargeability Current. Filed EAD and 485 on Nov 22nd Feb 18 RFE on EAD March 4th Request for response received and its still the same. I called the office last week and they said that my EAT was approved a while ago, but dont know the reason why the card is not sent. The office said she will review the case and I should receive the card in 15-30 days. If they require then they might even ask for fingure prints again. So I am still waiting.
  15. suumm

    EAD Approved_Card not sent

    Hi All, I had applied for my EAD filed under cross chargeability in EB2-current category. I am primary from India and my spouse from Nepal. I had filed my 765 and 485 on Nov 22-2010. Query on EAD asking for A#- Feb 26 Replied to query - March 4th As its already more than 60days ,I called USCIS this morning and they said my EAD was approved a while ago. However, the card was never mailed to me. The USCIS officer mentioned that she will order the review of the file and resolve the issue. She also mentioned that, the USCIS may issue Biometrics once more if they think it is necessary. She had created a service request also. Can someone please let me know what will be the next steps.