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  1. Hello, My employer is recommending to change my job title from Programmer Analyst to IT Project manager and my job duties would be similar to what I have been doing today and some additional project mgmt role. Will this cause any issues during H1 b extension ? Just to include that my I-140 is approved with job title- Programmer Analyst. Any experts advice please. Regards, Mahesh
  2. nanna

    H1B Amendments

    Dear Sir, I'm little confused and sorry if my earlier question is not clear. Spouse is on H-4 and I-797 valid till 2018 which was approved before work-location changed. After principal H1-B work-location changed, LCA & H1-B amendment was applied and got approval till 2018. However, H1-B expiry exact date in amendment (I-797) is before H4's expiry date. will it cause any problem ? If principal H1-B work-location is changed and if H-4 have valid 797 till 2018 which was approved earlier, do we still need to file form I-539 ? thanks
  3. nanna

    H1B Amendments

    Hello ​- I have valid H1-B extension till Mar 2018 which is based on approved I-140 and my project location was changed ​ recently​ . My employer applied ​ LCA for work location change and H1-B Amendment and got approvals last week. ​​ However H1-B amendment ​(​ ​I-129) ​ expiry date is before H4 ​(I539) expiry​. Since H4 is tied to H1-B and in my case, since H4 have longer validity than H1, will it cause any problem in visa stamping in India or re-entry at POE ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. ​thanks