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  1. osmancis

    h1b Stamping while h4 is in USA ?

    No not at all, my and my wife have gone for visa interview's most of the time separately. Note of caution - just in case if you get into the clutches of 221G, then your return might get delayed and your injured spouse may have to stay alone in US.
  2. I researched it couple of months back and I found none.
  3. osmancis

    221g waiting since march

    Hello, if you have common Muslim name, its normal to wait between 2 weeks to 1 year. No offence but I had to wait 1 year myself but had friends who waited nothing more than 2 to 3 weeks.
  4. I contradict Ydnan, as far as you have no need to travel while transfer is in progress you should be good to go!
  5. I got mine approved on 24th Jan 2017.
  6. I got mine stamped on 24th. Three questions related area of study, highest level of education and nature of job. Visa in three days "Stamped".
  7. osmancis

    H1B interview experience after trump

    Mine was on 24th Jan. Just three questions. Are u full time with XYZ company, what's ur highest level of education and major and nature of your job. Approved in 3 days.
  8. osmancis

    H1B Visa Stamping after 6th year

    I am in the same boat. I confirmed with my current employer's lawyer that this should not be big of a deal for stamping. Also as a side note, worst case if your i 140 gets revoked, it still can be ported to your new employer only if you have the LIN Number.
  9. Oh! my friend this is a critical question only the one who had gone through your case should be answering your question. As the laws these days are changing by days if not hours I recommend you to get in touch with any immigration law firm exchange email for documentation and take step. Usually law firms offer advice charging 100 to 150$ an hour or so.
  10. osmancis

    matamoros mexico

    Hello, You question depends on various factors 1) Type of Employment contract Vs FT? 2) H1 and H4 both appearing for interview? 3) Common Muslim Name? In a nutshell, If it were to be me - I would have gone straight to Canada rather than Mexico. Yes you do need Mexican visa. Anyone panning ? Not that I know of.
  11. osmancis

    Vancouver 221g Administrative Processing

    Oh! mine was almost two years back I was stuck for one year with background check. Sit back and relax man don't worry at all it will not take even 2 weeks. Things have been changing and the 221G process has become fast as per what I have been hearing. From what I can understand from the questions you have been asked, looks like all they need is your employment and employee verification and if that goes fine you are all set. This is my sincere opinion based on my experience and not a professional advice.
  12. I did talk about this issue in brief with one of the lawyers and she said what NP2020 said.
  13. osmancis

    Porting I140 to new employer

    Hi, I was/am working with employer A and will be joining emp B very soon. Now, my I140 has been approved with Emp A with PD of Aug 2011 in EB3. As quite evident with movement in EB3 category and with some salary considerations I decided to move to Emp B. How is this going to effect my I140 in case if my I-140 is revoked. I heard as far as an Ex-Employer wasn't a fraud your I-140 always exists and can re reinstated even after revocation. This info I got from two attorneys but at the end they said "there is always a risk". Also, seems like these multinational corps. usually do not revoke I-140's, is this true?
  14. osmancis

    I140 filed on Dec 23 2015

    How long is i-140 taking these days? Mine was filed on Dec 23 2015. I do not see any update in my status. Also it is not in premium processing.
  15. osmancis

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    I went through this painful process of 221G (Feb 2012 till Feb 2013). Do you guys think I will or may have to face the same fate back again? in short is this expected again if I go for my second extension? FYI - Common Muslim Name.