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  1. Hi, I am planning to visit Canada as well for my stamping. Could you please reply me with your email/ ph no ? Thanks

  2. Everest123

    EVC stamping @ Ottawa

    How did your visa interview go? I am going for Canada as well.
  3. Everest123

    H1B Visa in Toronto, Cananda

    Hello, I have a visa appointment @ Toronto on Oct 12th. I work in E-V-C model for an american talent solutions firm. Has anyone recently been to Toronto consulate? Also, how do you show employer_employee relationship when you are working in this kind of job model? I would very much appreciate any of your responses. What needs to be included in a client verification and vendor letters? Thank you!
  4. Everest123

    Query: H-1 Stamping in India or Canada?

    Hey, I am also in the same boat. I have a visa date for Canada. However, I am in E-V-C but working with an American Consulting firm. Do you guys know what needs to be done to show Employee-Employer relationship during visa interview?