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  1. Hi guys, I am applying for H4 visa for my wife. do I need to submit any docs 3 days before interview at Hyd consulate just like H1. can you provide the list of docs to be submitted? does this include marriage certificate ? Thanks, gopal
  2. go_pal

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    Hi 221GMAY2411 - Mine is EC model -1st time stamping. - Reason employer-employee relation does any one have idea if we can apply for a transfer or file new H1 from different company when case is with USCIS.
  3. go_pal

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    @221GMAY2411, I had interview in Nov at Hyd. I was issued 221G blue form with AAP. In Feb I received e-mail saying ur visa is denied and ur case is sent back to USCIS for further review. any updates from others ?
  4. @ dream16, I am in India. Hyd consulate denied my visa and case has been sent back to USCIS. I don't know whats happening now or what to do next. My employer is working on it. can we transfer H1 or apply for new one at this point of time? My email- manjan984@gmail.com
  5. @ arvigiri I was asked the same question- Who is assigning you day to day work? I said my employer. The VO said why not your client manager and was issued 221g at the end.
  6. @ h1b023 mine is similar to your case, USCIS received my case on Feb1st, 2011. what is the procedure after this, Should my attorney contact USCIS or state dept. do you have any idea? or the USCIS will contact my consultancy?
  7. go_pal

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    me also in the same boat, I was issued 221G blue form with AAP on Nov 21st and online status shows still pending. Guys please update your status if anything new happens. we can have a track of whats happening. Thanks, gopal