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  1. paul4gc

    Oath Ceremony wait times after Case approval

    did you receive invitation for oath?
  2. paul4gc

    Citizenship processing taking too long

    appreciate your feedback and experiences regarding this issue.
  3. I applied online in July 2018, received interview letter in July 2019, but INS cancelled it later. I called customer service, opened out of processing time requests, all the response I received is 'your application is in process'. My friend applied 6 months after mine, in Jan 2019, and he received citizenship in Jan 2020, for both of us the local office is San Francisco. How long it can take to get the interview letter again? Is anybody in the similar situation before? how it was resolved?
  4. paul4gc

    Name change at citizenship interview

    Thank you JoeF. Actually my name change is about fixing the errors, first & last names messed up by passport office in India during renewal, and that continued in further renewals. My old passport has correct name, based on that it may be possible to get a new passport with correct name from Indian consulate, it is fast to do. If I get a new passport with correct name, can it be used as record for name change every where (USCIS, DMV, SSN etc)? OR going to court is the only option for me now? Court process may take 12 to 16 weeks in my county. Thanks.
  5. In N400 I filled the name change column with new name. How exactly it works? Do I get the citizenship certificate with new name? or the name change process starts there, and will take its own course of time? I am expecting interview in Sep/Oct 2019. If the name change process starts at interview, can I change the name as per local city/county process, and carry that certificate to the interview? Field office for my interview would be San Francisco, CA. Thanks.
  6. My friend needs your help in filing Green card thru Consular Processing, thanks in advance. Chronology of events: 1. Came to USA on H1b in 2006, and Perm/i140 were approved in 2008. 2. In 2009 during recession the H1b renewal was denied (reason: Not on a Project), then moved to India. 3. In 2018 employer filed 824 (for amending i140 for CP??), and it is approved. 4. Will apply to Consulate in India for consular processing. 5. The Priority date is current. 6. Employer will provide the necessary documentation, if any. He can't afford the attorney fee for filing the final application(s) for entire family, so want to apply on his own. 1. Which forms have to be filled for final application? -- need names of the forms. 2. Does the denial of H1b renewal cause any problem in the final process?
  7. Thank you pontevecchio for help and clarification. I filled N400 with my current physical address and mailing address (friend's home) and filed it online. My mailing address remains same (friend's home) as i485, so did not submit AR-11.
  8. Thank you pontevecchio. What should I do now, submit AR-11 right away and wait for 6 months or so, then file N400 ?
  9. I am renting an apartment and moving around in the same city, to avoid frequent address changes while applying for i485, I gave my friends home address who owns a home. Also submitted AR-11 with that address, I did not submit another AR-11 even after moving to another apartment, to make sure USCIS will have only one address on file. I live 10 min away from my friend.Now 5 years passed after receiving GC, I want to file for Citizenship. In N400 address column which address I should write? Whatever I stated in AR-11 (my friends home), or my physical address? IRS, Banks, Utilities, Employer all have my current physical address.
  10. paul4gc

    Letter from City Police

    I am living in the current address for last 4 years.
  11. paul4gc

    Letter from City Police

    The letter has the address of our city police office, and they gave a phone number in it, to call and setup an appointment to come, identify and pick up the mail. I did not order any medical substance or other objectionable material to deliver by mail.
  12. paul4gc

    Letter from City Police

    Received a letter from local city police saying they have in possession an unidentified mail addressed to me, asking to come and pick it up, else it will be disposed of after 90 days. 1. Why my mail was given to police dept, instead of delivering to my home? 2. Why police writing a separate letter to me to come and pick up my mail from their office, instead of giving my mail to USPS, so they can deliver to my home? 3. What will happen if I don't pickup the mail? How this situation (or event) will affect my immigration process. Thanks in Advance.
  13. I received GC couple years ago, and recently I took up a traveling job, missed flights couple of times due to the long lines at security check. Permanent Residents are eligible for both, TSA Pre-check and CBP Global-Entry. Did any of you apply for them? What kind queries we need to go through? Are we asking for review of our immigration records by applying? TSA Pre-check fee is $85 and CBP Global-Entry fee is $100. So I prefer to apply for Global Entry given the fee difference is not much. Thanks in advance. PS: "Start early" is an option, but we can't walk away when a client is talking to us.