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  1. * Sept 10 : Receipt date * Sept 17 : Status changed to initial review (premium processing clock stopped message) * Sept 17 : Status changed to decision and petition is approved (15 mins after) * Hopefully the status will change again in few hours to post decision activity. Good luck
  2. vinniboy

    Cannot retrieve I-94 in CBP website

    Its the other way round for me. I departed US few weeks ago and am still able to pull in my I94 record. Am not sure what the next steps are in this situation.
  3. While departing from US, I followed the procedure and submitted my I94 card to the airline staff. However, after several weeks, I am still able to pull in my I94 record from CBP website. I believe, the system should respond with saying "I94 record not found" or something but thats not the case. What should I do or am I suppose to do anything in this situation? Thanks for experts assistance.
  4. vinniboy

    What should be the VISA Category?

    @luck2u : Thank you very much!
  5. I am a FTE with a technology giant industry (Fortune 50) for around 3 years. It would be first time I have to go for re-stamping and dont have any visa rejections or events in past. Do the experts think there will be any issues during re-stamping? I have return flight back to US 2 weeks after my interview date and have a legitimate concern on delays associated with administrative processing..
  6. vinniboy

    What should be the VISA Category?

    I am going for H1B re-stamping and I booked appointment for myself under H1B and added my family as we want to go together for interview. The OFC appointment history shows H1B for my dependents as well. Is that expected? When I added my dependents there was no option to select the "type of visa" for them. Am I doing something wrong here?