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  1. aavula

    221G White Slip Hyderabad - 1/23/2015 tracker

    hi if possiblecan you post your interview exp and your background?.
  2. aavula

    H1B Visa interview exp: Ottawa 16th nov

    status changed to issued on 18th collected the passport on 19th
  3. Hi, I had my visa interview on 16th nov questions are normal who is your employer whats your salary Asked for W2 why there is pay difference from lca to your W2. how long you have been working at the client. Can i have your client letter. Took the finger prints and said from your side everything is good and your visa will be issued but in the meanwhile we need to check from our side will contact you if we need any more info through email. not given any 221g form he kept the Passport and client letter with him. and one more thing they have written No PIMS on my DS160 copy. Is there any one similar to my situation and how long will it take to get the passport
  4. aavula

    H1B Visa interview exp: Ottawa 16th nov

    hi smetele is that same in your case of where they have written no pims? if possible can you post ur visa exp
  5. aavula

    H1B Visa interview exp: Ottawa 16th nov

    no not yet. still waiting on it
  6. aavula

    221g white slip in ottawa

    hi parkavin can you mail me on my profile name at gmail will get in touch here
  7. aavula

    221g white slip in ottawa

    hi parkavin can you email me ur cntct to my profile name at gmail we will be in touch here as i might be in same situation
  8. aavula

    221g - vancover on Nov 12

    Hi Nrkshc did you get any update?
  9. Any one going for ottawa on Nov 16-17
  10. aavula

    Any one going for ottawa on Nov 16-17

    can u pls mail me at my profile name at gmail will keep in touch and share accomidation
  11. i am not able to see that pls use my profile name at gmail
  12. hi i am planning to go on nov 18th. is there any one pls share ur contact.
  13. book which is closest to airport which is at richmond
  14. hi victory pls send mail to pradeep. i am going there on 20th and also booked hotel. so that we can share
  15. hi mine is also at same time. pls share ur contact details. will get in touch.
  16. aavula

    H1B Stamping Done in Jamaica - August 18th

    How did u cleared the NOID. Pls let us know it will help others who are on same boat.
  17. aavula

    6th Year and site check

    it was a normal random pick nothing to worry. USICS will do like this...
  18. if you are already in US and doing a COS then u can go any where. if this is the first time you applied from home country then it has to be stamped in home country.
  19. the person who filed your h1b has changed the location means u need to file an amendment. If USICS visits the work location where u provided in the LCA and h1 filing that would be a problem.
  20. aavula

    Wife Name change Maiden to Married

    it doesn't make any difference. most of the people will remain same as they were before the marriage.
  21. as Ur h1 was approved with an error. not sure whether they revoke or deny ur current h1 if you do amendment, but the chances are bright that they can do tht. better consult a lawyer abt your case. And my suggestion is though you can escape from all this now, but the fear will be there for you always as long as ur on this h1. pls consult a good lawyer if you can apply a new h1 or any other ways. ATB.
  22. As you have already mention that in the DS 160 form, also they have all the details of ur history in the system and that is not a mandatory thing to take the denial letter. If they ask then just tell them. But it was not a mandatory.
  23. aavula

    H1B work location changed *URGENT*

    1. yes that will be good bcoz there might be chances that USCIS visit the work location. 2.no prob u can do that i believe 3.i don't think so. if u did the amendment.
  24. yes that is the status(Initial Review) it will show when u respond to RFE. be cool and confident.
  25. aavula

    Working for less hours on H1

    u have to maintain min wages to qualify for H1 and on H1 it doesn't matter how many less hrs that you have worked. there is a min wage not sure how much it is. check that once. i believe its 60K