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  1. Hi Guys, I have returned to USA with out any issue with my existing Visa. They didn't ask me about any documents or letters, though i carry a letter from my employer, amendment petition and current I-797. My amendment is still pending with USCIS
  2. Hello experts, I have H1B visa stamping valid till 2018(visa stamping done early this year). Recently i have got a project with new client(still same employer) and my employer applied for H1B amendment(it is still under process). Now I need to go to India due to family emergency. Can I travel out of the country with my condition and come back with out any issues at Port of Entry? Please this is very urgent. Your replies are much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I am planning to send my sister's family(4 members total) for Visitor visa. I have filled DS160 for my sister and in that application I answered "Yes" for "is there anyone travelling with you?" and gave names of my brother in law, niece and nephew. All the 4 members need to get Visitor Visa. Do I need to fill seperate DS160 for all other members? Proper instructions are not provided in the website. Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. If you have your home address mentioned in your LCA, there will not be any issue. I was in same boat like you and got my visa stamped last month in Hyd, India. Good Luck.
  5. kgdesi

    Difference in Last year and current W2

    As long as it equal or greater than the amount mentioned in LCA, you are good to go.
  6. If client is not ready to give a letter, Take the print out of that email from client. That should work.
  7. Hi, I had my H1B stamping today @Hyderabad. Actual interview was less than 1 minute. VO: Hello Me: Hello Madam, Good Morning. How are you this morning? VO: Good Morning. Fine. VO: Passport please Me: Gave the passport VO: Company? Me: XXXX VO: Do you work for a client? Me: Yes Madam. The client name is XXXXX VO: Where do you leave in US? Me: XXXXXX VO: Do you like that place? Me: Yes Madam. VO: Your Visa is approved. Me: Thank you Madam. She didn't ask me a single document other than my passport. Good Luck everyone.
  8. This is not at all an issue. You just say "Yes i work at client location". You must have the same address mentioned in your LCA. I am in similar situation like you. Few weeks i work at client location and few weeks i work remotely from home. I have mentioned both my home and client location as work addresses in LCA. I had my visa interview today @Hyd and my visa got approved. Just follow what is mentioned in LCA. Good Luck.
  9. kgdesi

    H1B visa stamping - LCA work location

    You may need to amend your petition before going to stamping.
  10. kgdesi

    221g question

    Where did you attend the visa interview??
  11. kgdesi

    H1B visa stamping in Hyderabad

    I hope you will receive it soon. Last year my wife went for H4 stamping. They said it was approved but she didn't get her passport in time. When enquired they said it is in some admin process and they didn't issue any 221(g). Fortunately, she received her stamped passport in 2 weeks. Please post your visa experience, so that it would be useful for others.
  12. kgdesi

    Getting paid less than shown in LCA

    I didn't mean to suggest OP to lie. I asked her to check with her employer first. Anyway, after reading your post i have a question. When we are on vacation, we don't have to move out of the country.... right? I mean one can enjoy their vacation without going out of the country.
  13. Actually there are two columns in my paycheck. 1. Salary(My LCA amount divided by 12 and goes here every month) 2. Other Earnings (Remaining amount goes here every month). I don't think i can use the extra amount as Performance bonus as that column will be there in everymonth's paycheck.
  14. kgdesi

    Getting paid less than shown in LCA

    It will be an issue. First check with your employer why it is less. If the reason is proper you can say the samething to VO else you can say that you were on vacation.
  15. kgdesi

    SOS : VISA interview with Wrong SSN on I129

    Ask you employer or attorney if it is possible to get the updated I129.