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  1. freshoftheboat?

    EAD/AP timeline

    Hello all- my spouse and I filed 485 along with EAD/AP card on 10 feb. Biometrics got done on 5 March. 1. Around when can we expect EAD/AP to come? Am reading a lot of scary stories about cards not being issued in the 90 day time frame. Just wondering if someone has done some math or seen some trends recently. 2. Also at what point can we open service requests or contact the congressman or senator- 90 days or 75 days- kind of confused. There is still time but just want to be prepared for the worsT 3. How long does it usually take people to get greencard once they file?
  2. freshoftheboat?

    Birth Certificate - Kuwait

    You need a government issued birth certificate and if you dont have it then you need to provide a goverment issued reason as to why it doesnt exist etc. People have gotten RFE for not submitting govt issued birth certificate.
  3. freshoftheboat?

    I-140 Application with pending PERM

    You need to put the PERM no and expiration date on I140 application. Cannot file I140 with pending PERM....
  4. freshoftheboat?

    Waiting I-140 Approval

    Depending on the USCIS center the I140 approval time may differ (4-6months). Visit this website to check out the processing time. https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do You or the employer can do premium processing anytime.
  5. freshoftheboat?

    Applying two perm applications back to back

    One applicant cannot have more than one filed PERM. The lawyers will need to cancel the previous perm and file a new one. Even if the first perm comes thru you will have to restart the process for the second perm which equals to more time lost.
  6. freshoftheboat?

    Experience Calculation

    You need to count experience from when you got onto H1B. Talk to your lawyer and HR to determine when the H1 was accounted for...taxes etc should have changed on your paycheck.
  7. freshoftheboat?

    Will my husband's PERM get through b4 March??

    My perm was filed on 24th April 2013 and got approval 2 weeks ago. You have 2 more months- hopefully you may get it soon. I dont think anyone will be able to give you the right answer answer. Its just weird how long PERMs are taking for approval.
  8. freshoftheboat?

    H1B Extension with PERM in pending mode

    Once you receive your receipt for H1B extension you can work till you receive approval/denial. The H1B extension will be either 1 year if I140 hasnt been approved.
  9. freshoftheboat?

    Employer change before h1 extension

    Once you have you I-140 you can change companies and ask for 7th year extension. Just make sure that they file for your PERM and I-140 again.
  10. freshoftheboat?

    Green Card with Future employer and/or Current Employer

    If I were you, I would ask the Company B to start your GreenCard Application and also tell them I will start after 3 months because of personal reasons. After 3 months when you are comfortable switch over to them. This way atleast the green card process (labor) will get started. Greencard can be started for future employees as well. Company B will have to get labor approval for you irrespective of whether Company A does it or doesnt do it. So this approach will be good. If this works for you, hire me also...Im kidding!
  11. Go ahead and travel Labor is independent of your h1b.
  12. freshoftheboat?

    H1B approval after 5.5 months

    The USCIS is very slow in processing the H1Bs right now. From what I understand they didnot process any H1B during the summer because they were concentrating on other type of visas etc. That is why you see this delay. Just need to wait it out.
  13. freshoftheboat?

    will my current employer find out about future employer

    I highly suggest you dont lie. Just say that I found another opportunity and I would like to make a move. The companies dont really care if you want to leave because they will find someone else. If they REALLY dont want you to leave trust me when I say they will give you a counter-offer and that rarely happens. Yes you boss or people you are working with closely will be disspointed/upset and in the moment say that dont leave but you have to be honest and tell them that you want to go ahead and explore more opportunites. You have to be a man about these sort of instances. You cant keep the entire world around you happy- this is about your future and your benefit. Just think about it, if a company is suffering it lets go of people without really caring so why are you thinking about lying and hiding. Trust me this is the smallest issue in life you will face. Also - If tomorrow you need a letter from your current company for whatever reason atleast you will have a clear conscious about it.
  14. freshoftheboat?

    H1B approval after 5.5 months

    I joined the new company a month after I got the receipt. The extension is for 3 years.
  15. freshoftheboat?

    H1b petition (I-129) applied on 5th June 2012

    Filed on 4th June and got approval on 13th Nov (H1B extension+ transfer)