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  1. ganeshk09

    H4 Visa Stamping @ Hyderabad

    Please reply !! Your help really appreciated. !
  2. Documents Received - Dec 19 Receipt Date -Dec 21 Vermont Service Center - Premium Processing
  3. ganeshk09

    H4 Visa Stamping @ Hyderabad

    Hi All, My wife and kids are going to appear H4 visa interview in the month of January. my question is, currently My wife is working in company and planning for Long leave, Before her stamping, Is she needs to get any letter from the company because she is an employee ? Advance thanks for your help !! Thanks, Ganesh.
  4. ganeshk09

    H4 stamping and POE--Please Help

    Hi New2NA, Did you get any help on this. We are in the same boat. Thanks, Ganesh.
  5. ganeshk09

    urgent : Please advice on the same H4 Visa issue.

    Please answer my question ...your are help highly appreciated... Thank you !
  6. Hi , Excuse me , if my question silly one or not clear. I am looking for help from experts. I am working for company A and now wanted to apply H4 for my dependents who are in India. After their stamping through company A, If I transfer to company B from company A , what would be impact on their H4 visa status when my dependents still there in India. Can they travel to US on their Visa which was issued through Company A or they need to reappear visa interview again through Company B? Please let me know if question is not clear. your help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ganesh.
  7. ganeshk09

    H4 dependants travel.

    Hi , My dependants got h4 stamping when I was company A. Now, I am in company B. Can they travel with old visa ( meant company A) or they need to reappear visa interview again. Can you please let me know? Thanks in advance. Thanks, Ganesh.
  8. Hi Guys/Gals, My first H1B visa has been approved on 28-Oct-2011 at Hyd,India. VO asked only 4 questions. 1. What is your highest qualification? 2. Where do you work? 3. How long , have you been working ? 4. do you have pamplet (related to US travelling guide)? I said 'N0', just he has given. He did not look at any document. Just it took 3 minutes time for visa approval. I am waiting for my passport to receive. Do anyone knows, how long does it take to receive passport? Thanks, Ganesh.
  9. Hi guys/Gals, How long does it take to receive Hardcopy of approved petition ? My application was approved on 10/13. Thanks, Ganesh,
  10. Hi Sam123, within oneday the status got changed. thanks,
  11. My H1B application got approved today. USCIS recived on 09/22 RFE recived on 10/03 RFE sent on 10/04 Approved on 10/13 at 1:40 PM CST. All the best !!
  12. Hello kkd777, Did you get any reponse from USCIS? Even, I have response to RFE on 04-Oct and waiting for an approval. Thanks,
  13. ganeshk09

    H1B Visa interview docs

    Hi Guys/Gals, Morning !! I am planning to attend my first H1B visa interview in October month end or first week of November. Please let me know what are documents that I need to carry for my visa interview. Thanks much in advance for your help !! Thanks, Ganesh
  14. Hi Every one, First of all , I wanted to thank you everyone who are sharing their experiences , ideas and suggestions in this forum. Right now, I am on L2 EAD status and working in reputed organization as full time employee. They applied my H1B in premium processing and I am waiting for decision from USCIS. We (family) are am planning to come India to attend family function in end of October. So, I am planning to take an Visa appointment end of October or 1st week of November. As this my first time H1B visa interview , I would like get help from you on my below questions. Please reply to my questions. I really appreciate your help. 1. My old passport was issued at Hyderabad and new one was issued in Chicago, In that case Do I need get visa appointment in Hyderabad ? or Is it flexible to get appointment anywhere in India? 2. Please let me know what are all other documents required from employer and me along with I-797, LCA, pay stubs, W2 form for visa stamping? 3. I am not sure whether I can apply visa interview from Canada or Mexico as I am appearing first time for H1B visa and I didn't do my Masters in USA ? Please excuse if questions doesn't make sense and correct me if my understanding is wrong... Thanks, Ganesh.