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  1. Sachin777

    H1b extension - Stay after 240 days period

    Thanks for the information! We recieved h1b Denial notice now and looking for options during these covid times Are we eligible to apply for B2?
  2. Hi everyone. I have a question. My spouse current h1b petiton got expired on Apr 2020 and the I94 got expired on Aug 27th 2020. Their firm had applied for h1b extension but there is a long delay for more than 9 months.The 240 day period from the start of the h1b petition expiry date (Apr 2020) will be expired on Dec 12th. Question: 1. How long my spouse can stay in US legally after Dec 12th considering the h1b decision is still pending from USCIS? 2. Does the 240 days grace period starts from the I94 Expiry date(Aug 2020) or the H1b petiton expiry date( Apr 2020). Appreciate your insights. Thank you!
  3. Sachin777

    H1b transfer with approved I140

    yes my H1 completed 6 years, I have approved I 140. Thanks for your response.
  4. Sachin777

    H1b transfer with approved I140

    Thanks your response. My I 94 is still valid thru August 2020.
  5. Sachin777

    H1b transfer with approved I140

    Hi, I have an approved i140 (but do not have a copy of I 140) and currently h1b extension is in progress from employer A and have a reciept number. If i get a job offer from employer B, then 1) can I move to employer B even though my current H1b with employer A still in processing. 2) i do not have a copy of I140 with me and my employer A will not provide it and also getting copy from USCIS has 3-4 months wait time. So will the employer B request a copy of i140 from me incase if i get an offer and they are willing to file H1b for me? Appreciate your inputs.. Thanks!!
  6. Sachin777


    You will get it dont worry too much, just be patient its taking some time nowadays. Good Luck!
  7. Sachin777

    SUCCESS STORY - H1b Renewal in Mumbai with DUI- 4th Time

    Great to hear!! Congrats on your Visa!
  8. I had the same issue with PIMS recently, took about 2-3 days for the Visa to get issued, it was in Canada though. Good Luck!
  9. Congrats!, looks like lot of scrutiny going on over there in Ottawa...
  10. Sachin777

    Anyone going to Toronto for H1 interview

    Keep refresing and checking the dates..I was able to get it like that earlier.
  11. Sachin777

    H1B Stamping in Ottawa - 221g

    What are the documents they have requested? Usually for most of the cases the time frame is between 1-2 weeks for 221g or may be little earlier in case you are lucky..to clear...Good luck!
  12. Sachin777

    Past Petitions and Pay Slips

    I did not carry all of that except for the current ones and previous I797's should be fine.
  13. Sachin777

    221g in Vancouver

    Many people are getting the visas issued, but unfortunately they dont post their experiences here, the people who only post here the ones getting 221g's (which they arent too many) , just take all your docs with you, two ppl that I know of got 221g because they dint carry their resumes. Good Luck and dont forget to post your visa experiences.
  14. Sachin777

    Successful stamping at Calgary today - 10/11

    Congrats! and Thanks for posting the updates!
  15. Sachin777

    Past Petitions and Pay Slips

    I did notice from my past experience that they do ask for previous I797 and a friend of mine has got 221g as he dint have it with him at that time and they asked him to email it later on, better take everything you can. Pay slips- last 6 mnths should be good. Good luck!