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  1. I do not interpret the USCIS guidelines as a clear cut black-white type of situation. It is very likely that the officer at the POE next time will likely question your prolonged absence. Read up at the link below, and talk to an immigration attorney to see if you can do some preemptive paperwork to not hit the negative side of GC maintenance requirements https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-we-grant-your-green-card/maintaining-permanent-residence
  2. To fix a mistake on a form filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), wait until you get the notice that tells you the agency received it. The notice will have a receipt number or other case identifier that will make it easier for USCIS to find the form you filed. Then you should call the national USCIS Contact Center, explain the mistake, and request that they fix it. Sometimes, USCIS customer service officials will be able to fix your problem right away. If they tell you they will fix it but that it might take a while, write down the reference number they give you, in case you need to call again. Some mistakes are too serious for the Contact Center to help you with. In addition to calling them, or as an alternative, you can send a letter to the USCIS office that is processing your form, explaining the mistake and how it should be corrected, with a new signed form. (Sometimes your form gets transferred between USCIS offices, so you might want to wait until you know the address of the office that will actually work on it. You can check your case status online or ask the Contact Center. Source: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/made-mistake-immigration-form-how-correct-it.html
  3. Best to talk openly to the USCIS panel doctor - there is no cookie cutter answer here. You lie on the GC forms and you are opening yourself to perjury and fraud at a later point - not worth the risk!
  4. Sorry to read about all this but you are best advised to talk to an attorney for yourself first and then worry about the GC details.
  5. If there is any such new rule, please publish the link where you read this 1-year time limit for everyone's benefit
  6. Its a fairly dated article on Murthy but believe it still applies as USCIS has no such limitation mentioned on their website https://www.murthy.com/2011/12/02/priority-date-finally-current-how-soon-should-i-485-be-filed/ https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/visa-availability-priority-dates/when-to-file-your-adjustment-of-status-application-for-family-sponsored-or-employment-based-61
  7. Very unlikely you have to wait that long. PD current means you can file your paperwork anytime you are ready to do so. Since you have your EAD/AP in hand, the current onus of AOS adjustment is with USCIS. Be patient. Most other forums are reporting 60-90days till they hear on their cases (for Texas office processing SRC cases). Which field office is processing your case the wait time could be different.
  8. WattMan

    Job Change

    Read up on AC21 portability and ensure your next employer is aware of how this is best used in your next job - at some point this does impact the final GC decision making process by the USCIS officer... The above is good advise, which I would recommend too in addition to talking to your next employer and being transparent with them!
  9. My $0.02 -- B2 is not a dual-intent visa hence over-stay may be an issue that comes up - the pandemic has created unique never-before situations for a lot of people so cannot really comment how they may react/respond (if they do at all!) - best to talk to an experienced attorney I believe @JoeF is correct here but her B2 visa (and thus the intent of entering US) may be challenged by the adjudicating officer - again would recommend talking to an experienced attorney
  10. Is the 5 year expectation written and mutually signed as part of your employment contract? If yes, he may at best try so litigation and cost recovery and try to create trouble for you. However nothing you do including leaving his employment can impact your GC in hand! If he tries bad-mouthing you, you have options to send "cease & desist" notices as well a "libel and/or defamation" notice and lawsuit options on your side - do your online research. Your GC is safe and protected and yours to keep as long as YOU choose, within the legal parameters defined by USCIS
  11. Unlikely you can do that - because both GC filings are separate applications - my personal non-legal opinion. Using earlier priority dates are for cases eligible for "inter-filing" - best to research this and talk to an experienced immigration attorney.
  12. Should not be an issue. Not an attorney here but have been dealing with USCIS for our cases (my spouse and mine) and have mixed and matched joint package as well as different. No impact if everything is in order from paperwork perspective.
  13. WattMan

    Submitting Medical Records before getting RFE for I485

    I personally do not believe it will help because: 1. USCIS will not know which case to attach these medicals to 2. Medicals are considered for a short duration only (60-90 days I am guessing) so your case had better be current and under adjudication review 3. Even if your PD is current the fact that you have not been issued an RFE yet indicates to me that an officer is not yet available to start reviewing your case - makes your proactive submission that much more likely to cause confusion Remember this is a government department/agency and like any other govt. dept and agency they have NO incentive to break protocol and process in the interest of being efficient for your single case - sorry but that's the harsh fact!
  14. WattMan

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    My earlier employer (lets call them X), initiated my GC and I have a PD of Apr2010. This date is current as of this post. In early 2016, I switched jobs (a higher designation than what I had with X) using AC21 to my current employer (lets call them Y). In late 2019, I was promoted within Y to an even higher designation - all documentable under career progression - no issues there. Till Feb-Mar 2021, my current employer Y was a NASDAQ listed public company. By Apr2021, Y was acquired by a Private Equity (PE company), de-listed from NASDAQ and taken private. DBA and Entity name have still been retained. On 01Jun2021, I received RFE for filing 485J, updated Medicals and Biographics. Along with my fully completed 485J form to showcase AC21 portability and career progression, I submitted by employment offer letter by current employer Y as well as my promotion letter. As read from other users experiences on this forum, what are the chances that USCIS will ask for additional documentation regards my current employer Y (e.g. financials, articles of incorporation, letters, etc.)? Is there a precedence of what all documents are asked for by USCIS (if and when USCIS does ask for such additional documents)?
  15. WattMan

    Regd 485J

    Since Jan2017, any EB category GC applicants, who invoked AC21, are required to file a I-485 Supplement J (aka 485J) with USCIS. Your attorney is giving you good advise.