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  1. I filed for a H1B extension on Oct 17th . I have travel plans to India Feb 1. From ******** website , I see that Oct 6th ones are being processed. Do I wait for few more days before I upgrade to premium or do you feel i will get my approval before Feb 1 ?
  2. ramkrs80

    Adopting a kid on H1B from India

    No progress on this yet. Still looking.....
  3. ramkrs80

    Adoption on h1b

    We are planning to adopt a kid from India and we are on h1b. Is there any restriction on bringing back the kid immediately ? Is there a rule that we must stay in India for a while before bringing the kid to the US.
  4. ramkrs80

    H1 to H4

    Hi , I am on H1B with i140 approval pending. My Wife is on H1B until Feb 2019 . However my wife's employer is not going to pursue the greencard process. When would be the right time for her to switch on my H4 so that she could continue working for that employer on H4 EAD ? Thanks
  5. my h1b visa is good until Aug 2016 for employer A . I have a new i797 that is good until Feb 2018 for Employer B. Am I eligible for a Dropbox program in this case ? Also if my fingerprints are from Dec 2014 , Would i need to get my finger prints again ? This is for the Mumbai consulate
  6. ramkrs80

    i94 and visa expires but i797 valid

    My passport is good until 2021. Its just that my visa and i94 expire Aug 2016. My i797 is good until 2018 Do I need to get my passport stamped of the new visa or should the CBP officer stamped it till my i797 date ? There is no issue with my passport expiry itself .
  7. I entered the US yesterday and my current visa and i-94 expires aug 2016. However my i797 is valid until 2018. Am I good to continue staying back in the US after aug 2016 with my i797 or Do I need to get it stamped. I was also wondering if the officer should have issued the i94 until my i797 date instead of my current visa expiration date.
  8. ramkrs80

    Adopting a kid on H1B from India

    Why would it be so hard if i am legally in the US on a visa and just apply for a H4 as though a dependent person . I do not intend to quit my job in the US now. I just want to get back a child on my way back from India on H4. What would be the option if I do not want to quit my US job and bring back the child from my India Visit.
  9. We are on H1-B and planning to adopt a kid from India. What is the visa procedure for the kid ? What are the timelines on it ? Would we be able to get it done in one visit or would it take us several visits ?
  10. ramkrs80

    Regarding stamping

    My i94 and visa is valid until sept 2016. However I switched my employer and my new i797 is valid till 2018 feb. I am traveling to India dec 2015 to jan 2016. Do I need my passport stamped with new employer visa?
  11. ramkrs80

    Regarding travel to India after expired i94

    The extended i797 came with a new i94. Thanks.
  12. My wife has her i94 expire in Sept 2015 and work visa (H1) valid till Jan of 2017. We made travel plans from Dec 24 2015 to Jan 15 2016. Can we travel to India or should we hold off ? Is she allowed to stay in the US with expired i94 and a valid H1B ?
  13. ramkrs80

    Change of Field in H1B

    I have a bachelors in Instrumentation engineering from Mumbai university and Masters in Computer Science from Utah State in the US.
  14. ramkrs80

    Change of Field in H1B

    I have a 4 year Instrumentation Engg degree from Mumbai University.
  15. ramkrs80

    Change of Field in H1B

    I am looking to changing my field from software/computer science to Instrumentation Engineering . I am on a H1B . Would my transfer get approved if I switch to working as an instrumentation technician or engineer from software/computer science ?