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    I-140 approval and employer change 6th year

    Dear Friends Any suggestion to this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  2. This might be a routine question but just want to be on the safer side as immigration rules change very rapidly My 140 is approved on Dec 20th 2012 and my H1 6 yrs is completing on Feb 25th 2013. Now I am planning to switch employer so shall I get the 3 yr extention with current employer and then transfer to new employer or directly file the 3ys H1 extention with new employer. And also what will be the best action for current employer to do as far as 140? Either withdraw it or leave it as is? So that it doesn't effect my priority date porting to new employer.
  3. Thanks for your reply Let me re-frame the question.. I know it is mandatory to change the Employer. At what stage this should that be done? 140, 485 or after receiving GC?
  4. Hello Friends & Attorneys I am planning to file Green Card with another company as future employee to it. Can someone please answer my below question or point me to an existing post or documentation (Web Link). 1) At what stage should I transfer my H1 (I-140, 485)? 2) What are all the possible queries? Thanks @R