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  1. Hi Me and my wife both applied for 485 and I got my GC approved in January but my wife is still pending. I looked through forums and found that this is not very uncommon and saw some ppl got their spouse GC approved ranging from months to years. Going with worst case scenario I would to ask few questions and I appreciate in advance for any replies. My wife and kid are in India and want to bring them here to US ASAP. My daughter is US Citizen. My wife AP got expired while in India 1. Can I bring my wife on Visitor visa while her 485 is pending? 2. If visitor visa is not an option what other options I have to bring her here 3. What can I do to get her 485 approved faster? Thanks Raj
  2. Hi, I got an RFE on my 485 and my company answered it and USCIS recieved it on Aug 22nd 2013. What is the time frame and nxt steps after RFE is responded? My EB2 PD is Dec 31 2006 Thanks in advance RKR
  3. rajkishorenr

    H1B status

    Hi My company said they cancelled my H1B visa since I am on EAD and AP. How do I know for sure they indeed cancelled my H1? Is there a number I can call to to find out my self? Thanks RKR
  4. Hi I have H1 visa stamped in my passport and valid till 2014. I left US around 15 months ago. I am comming back to US again with my employer and client letter supporting letters. I was working from India for same employer and client all these months. Can some one shed some light if it is going to be a problem and if so what type of documents do I need to carry and what type of questions I may face at the Port of Entry. Thanks in advance!
  5. rajkishorenr

    Finger printing with 485 receipt?

    Hi, I applied for 485 and got my receipt in 10 days (yesterday). I need to travel to India for some emergency. Can I walk in for my finger printing with just the 485 receipt? Has any one done this or heard this before? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello Human, Did you find any answers for your Qs? PLease share with me. Thanks!
  7. rajkishorenr

    EAD Approved but AP in Initial Review

    when did you apply for EAD and AP (Dates please)? Some times they are giving them separately. Have seen that with my frnd.
  8. rajkishorenr

    EAD tracker -- Nov/Dec

    Hi, can we start EAD tracker for people who applied in Nov and on wards. People who applied 1 or 2 months prior can also join but shall we keep this for last 3 to 4 months please? Please post 485 receipt date and EAD/AP apply date. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, Long story short, I am on EAD and AP on my wife's EB3 (485 filed in 07) application. I have my own EB2 (PD is 2006) application (with only 140 approved, yet to file 485). My wife died and I moved to India temporarily for the past 1.5yrs. I kept my GC alive and getting AP and EAD on my wife's EB3 application. Now I got married again and my EB2 app PD became current in this month bulletin. 1) Does my wife need to be in US while filing my 485 (by adding her in the application)? 2) If so how can I bring her to US ? On which visa ? 3) what are my options here Thanks in advance!