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  1. admac1234

    H1B Extension and Transfer

    Hi All, Is it possible to apply for an extension from an employer and also initiate a transfer to another employer around the same time. Are there any issues that can be foreseen....? Regards,
  2. admac1234

    Supervised recruitment

    Priority Date: OCT 2012 Audit request received: March 2013 Audit request sent: March 2013 supervised recruitment audit: Jan 2014 Any idea of chances and the time it will take to get this cleared....? Any words of advice will be appreciated.
  3. admac1234

    Audit in Labor on AUG 2012 in California

    appdev, did you receive a response yet since the audit date is past aug 2012. Iam in a similar situation, I did get a response for supervised recruitment - which iam not sure what my chances are right now. Anyone have any idea.