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  1. Hi Folks, I'm in a tricky situation, My company has initiated the GC process and they finally applied the application for "prevailing wage" last Nov ( 2015) . Its approved this april/ may .. but we has layoff's in may ending june. so now my HR says they can't start my Ad-campaign till NOV , which is pushing my labor application to Jan/ feb 2017 . But my H1b 6 years expires on Oct 2017. So I have file for the H1 Extension. I was reading and it seems like we need to File the labor ( PERM) 365 prior to the H1b expiration ? Please help/ advice what should i do... I'm pretty confused. Time is just running out Is there a way i can do premium for labor ( PERM) ? Any advice is appreciated, Thanks a lot for taking your valuable time !!!
  2. kevin_18

    H1B visa slots in Hyd

    Thanks a lot Chitown01 really appreciate your time .....i wasn't sure if the company email would have any weight :)
  3. kevin_18

    Dates for Vancouver in Feb pleaseeeeeeeee

    i need dates for feb @ hyd consulate ...does anyone know when they gone open ?
  4. Does anyone know when the dates for feb gone open @ hyd ?
  5. kevin_18

    H1B visa slots in Hyd

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know when does the visa slots for HYD (H1B) visa appointment open ? I'm going on feb6 .. need to book a slot but i don't see feb yet .....jan 31st is last . Regarding the DS 160 ...is it good to give personal email or office email ? This is my first time H1b stamping ....please advise Thanks for the help in advance !