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  1. curious80

    B2 visa extension

    Thank you for your response. The I539 form asks for "documentary evidence of source, amount and basis for any income". Would you be able to suggest what evidence we might need to submit in lieu of the I134? Would employment verification letter with income + W2 suffice?
  2. curious80

    B2 visa extension

    Please let me know if you were able to get a confirmation on this.
  3. I'm in a similar situation. Could you please confirm what filing fee you paid? I would've assumed $540 too ($370 for applicants filing jointly + $85 per applicant for biometrics).
  4. curious80

    Traveling with parents

    My wife and I are US citizens, and are traveling to the U.S. with my parents, who are both on 10-year visitor visas (they have visited the U.S. several times and have always left on or before the date stamped on visa at entry). We wanted to know if traveling together would mean increased risk when it comes to immigration. Should we approach the immigration officer as one group, or should my wife and I go through immigration separately, and my parents separately? Thanks!
  5. curious80

    Visitor visa renewal for parents - DS-160 questions

    Thank you! Does that mean they should apply for B1/B2, so they can qualify for the interview waiver, or can they apply for just a B2 and still qualify? Also, any thoughts or suggestions on the other questions?
  6. My parents are applying for visitor visa renewal at the Mumbai consulate. Their previous visas (granted: August 2006, expired: August 2016) were marked as B1/B2. It seems like my parents qualify for an interview waiver (but still need to have fingerprints collected), given the criteria specified here: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp. I had a few questions on how to fill out form DS-160: Should my parents apply for a B2 visa, or B1/B2? The purpose of their trip is tourism, not business. However, their previous visas were marked as B1/B2, and my understanding is that the new visa should be in the same class as the previous visa, to qualify for interview waiver. Would it help with my parents’ approval odds if they mention that they are paying for the trip themselves, and not I? They are retired; however they have a regular cash flow and assets/property in India. Are supporting documents (invitation letter from me, proof of assets/property) required, given that my parents qualify for an interview waiver? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi, I am currently on H1B but got my EAD/AP approval based on F2A in Nov 2013 ( expired Nov 19, 2014). I entered the country on AP in Aug 2014. I have filed for renewal of EAD/AP on Nov 6th, 2014 and its currently pending. I need to travel to India in Feb for a family occasion. In these circumstances, if my AP approval does not come in time, Can I use my H1b to get stamped and come back on H1b visa? Thanks.
  8. My parents arrived in the US from India on B2 visas (which expire August 2016). Their I-94s are valid till March 3, 2014, and they have return tickets from the US to India on March 1. We are planning to travel from the US to Mexico for a vacation in the last week of February and return on February 28. Given that they will return to the US within one week of leaving, and their I-94s will cease to be valid once they depart the US for Mexico, I wanted to understand the risks involved in traveling to Mexico and then trying to return to the US for one day.
  9. curious80

    485 - place and date of last entry into US

    The form asks "Date arrived" instead of Date of admission - Would this still mean "date of admission"?
  10. curious80

    485 - place and date of last entry into US

    Thank you for the response. On the I-130 form, question 14 for relative being sponsored asks about I-94 number and date arrived. Would this be the date of admission mentioned on the I-94 or the date of last entry (for which there was no I-94)?
  11. Hi, I traveled to Canada from the US by road last month, and my passport (with valid US and Canadian visas) was not stamped at the Canadian border. I returned to the US by road as well, and my passport was not stamped at the US border either, and nor was my I-94 form collected or a new I-94 provided. I am now filling out my I-485 and wanted to know, given that there is no stamp or new I-94 on my passport, whether I should mention the date of re-entry from Canada and POE from Canada as date or place of last entry into the US. Appreciate your help. Thanks!
  12. I am applying for a green card through my husband. However, the name in my birth certificate and passport dont match. Do I need to provide an affidavit that both names are mine? If so, is there a particular format to the affidavit? Please advise.
  13. I have a green card and due to recent changes, have decided to apply for my wife in f2a category immediately. However, her passport expires in Feb 2014. Would it be an issue to apply for I 130 and I 485 without renewing the passport?