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  1. indian_boy007

    B1/B2 extension: No update from USCIS

    Hi, My parents came to US on December 16th, 2019. Due to COVID situation I filed for their paper-based extension with my dad being the primary applicant and mom being the co-applicant. The applications were received by USCIS on on May 15, 2020. Since then the case status for both of them is "Fingerprint Fee Was Received" and "Case Was Received" respectively. There is no letter about their bio-metrics appointment or any other update. Is anyone in the same situation? Those who filed B1/B2 extension around May 2020, what is your status? Thanks.
  2. indian_boy007

    B2 I-94 Extension of stay in the US

    I am in pretty much the same situation. Would really appreciate response from experienced folks in this forum. Thanks.
  3. indian_boy007

    Docs and visa interview for kids

    I have applied for Visitor visa (B1/B2) for my family. We are planning to visit my brother-in-law in US, for the duration of about a month. We have submitted our docs to VFS Mumbai couple of weeks ago and have our interview on Jan 28, 2019. We have 2 kids (8 years and 1.5 years old). We are not sure if they need to accompany us for the visa interview. We haven't fill any visa waiver form for them. Can someone help us with this question? Also, there are the docs we are planning to take with us: All current and previous passports Appointment letter Employment verification letter Last 3 salary slips Bank statement balance (total Rs.6 lac) Is there any other doc we need to take? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, My current visa as well as my visa-stamp on passport are expiring on December 7th, 2015. My employer has filed for a visa renewal and we are expecting the visa approval sometime in October. My question is, assuming I get my I-797A with extended H-1B visa before I leave for India, what is the latest safe date of re-entry to USA on my current visa stamp? For example, can I re-enter USA without any issue on, say, November 30th 2015? Thanka lot in advance.
  5. indian_boy007

    Is MBA from India eligible for H4 EAD?

    Hi All, I have a very basic question. I have an approved I-140 from my current employer. My wife has an MBA degree from India. Is she eligible for H4 EAD? Or only STEM degrees are eligible? Thanks.
  6. indian_boy007

    Does MCA come under STEM?

    @t75: Thanks for the reply. I am not saying that it will happen. I am saying "if it happens then..."
  7. indian_boy007

    Does MCA come under STEM?

    Hi All, I have a very simple question. In the wake of recent news, "H-4 holders might be able to work in US", I learned that initially this will be applicable to only STEM categories, i.e. if the educational qualifications of the H-4 holder come under STEM, only then he/she can work. So my question is, does an MCA (Master of Computer Applications) degree from India fall under the STEM? If we assume that this proposed petition gets approval, will an H-4 folder be able to work in US? I am not quite sure if I am posting this question under right category, If so, please suggest appropriate category and I will post it there. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, I want to switch from company A to company B. But the company A has done my H-1B visa transfer in premium and has a clause in the offer letter that if I leave the company within 12 months, I have pay the H-1B transfer cost and the attorney fees. I wanted to know that roughly how much it will be in total. Company A has transferred my H-1B in premium and they have used some law firm based in San Francisco. It will be great if this post gets multiple responses as the attorney fees can vary. So we can have a better estimate. I hope this post helps others as well. Thanks.
  9. I am currently on H-1B visa, sponsored by Employer_1. Few weeks back another employer, Employer_2, filed an H-1B transfer for me. But I did not join Employer_2 and I am still working at Employer_1. The problem is, Employer_2 never gave me the I-797C (Notice of Confirmation) and I don't think that he will ever give it to me since I did not join his company. I wanted to ask that will it be a problem during my future visa transfers? Tomorrow if another employer files a transfer for me, will he require that I-797C? Please not that I never discontinued my employment at Employer_1.
  10. Hi, I am currently on H-1B visa, which started in October 2011. I am presently located on the East Coast of United States, but due to some personal reasons I wish to move to a location which is on West Coast, as soon as possible. Hence I am planning to accept whichever offer I get and then switch to a better company after 3-4 months. So basically I will have to do H-1B transfer twice. My question is will this be any problem from the transfer approval point of view? Will I have to face any questions during my visa interview in India like why did you change so many jobs, etc.? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am currently working on H-1B which has started from October 1st, 2011 (so just 19 days back). Now I have another offer and they want me to start from November 7th, 2011. They still haven't sent the documents to the USCIS yet, they may sent it in a day or two. My questions are: - Is it possible for me to really start working on November 7th? - I have to give a 2 week notice to my current employer. So the latest I can inform my current employer is by this Friday. What actions my current employer can take against me? The attorney of the new company is insisting that it is absolutely safe to start on November 7th, 2011. But I am a bit worried. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.