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  1. @jairichi: If an amendment is withdrawn or denied, then there is NO need to exit and enter the US since it does not affect the orinigally issued visa or legal presence (I-94). If the ORIGINAL H1 is withdrawn by the employer, then we should find another employer or exit the country within a given timeframe. Amendment is only to let the USCIS know of the "material" change from the original H1 approval, like, change of work location, change of job duties, etc.,
  2. forumman

    *** PERM question ***

    I am on H1B and my employer wants to start the PERM process. Can anyone answer my below questions - 1. If my PERM is approved and then I immediately transfer my H1 to a new employer, is the priority date valid ? 2. If my PERM is in approved, I-140 is approved and then I immediately transfer my H1 to a new employer, is the priority date valid ? Thanks guys !
  3. Started on a new project in June 2015, filed h1b amendment in July 2015. Amendment still under processing. Now got a better project in a different location (same employer, different client). Can anyone advice me what to do with the existing amendment and how do I go about filing a new one if current one is still not adjudicated ?
  4. forumman

    Case status website

    If you upgraded on Sep 25, they should give your response within 10 calendar days of the receipt date. Otherwise, they have to refund your premium fee back. Check with your attorney/employer whoever filed for premium.
  5. Is it extension only or along with amendment ? Generally, it takes 3-4 months under regular processing.
  6. My employer filed for an H1b amendment with USCIS' Vermont Service Center for my current consulting project in July 2015 under regular processing. The amendment is still under process. Can anyone tell: 1) What is the processing timeframe for H1 amendments ? It is not posted in the USICS website's H1b timeframes. 2) Can I move to a new project when my amendment is under processing. If I move, what should I do about the processing petition ? Thanks
  7. What is the processing timeframe for a H1b amendment ? Is it the same as a regular H1 petition or much faster. It's already been 3 months and I did not get any decision from USCIS.
  8. forumman

    *** H1 amendment ***

    Yes, it is $325 only (base filing fee). I see that on the receipt notice.
  9. My employer applied for H1b amendment and received receipt notice on July 17th. Can I find a new consulting project even before a decision is made on the H1b amendment ? If so, can we cancel the already "in processing" amendment and file a new amendment for the new location/client ? If the end date on the approval notice of amendment is different than on my original H1b approval notice, which one is considered valid by USCIS for status purpose ?
  10. forumman

    *** H1 amendment ***

    I am not paying for it. I just want to know what is the fees my employer has to pay..there are different answers here, is it the same amount as a new petition or a lesser amount ? Adjudication takes how much time ?
  11. forumman

    *** H1 amendment ***

    I had a recent change in location of my work on H1. What is the H1B amendment fee amount that is required to file a new amendment ? Is it the same amount as the original H1 petition or somewhat lesser amount ?
  12. forumman

    H1B Stamping location

    @jinder: Be ready to answer if the consular officer asks the reason you came to Hyderabad.
  13. @ambatikiran: What is your passport validity ?
  14. I have my H1 stamping in HYDERABAD next month. However, my passport is expiring in Oct-2015 so I am going for renewal. My previous address is HYDERABAD but now I am in BANGALORE. I have marked my consulate as "HYDERABAD" in the I-129 application. However, now I do not have any address proof in HYDERABAD. So, I am thinking for applying for passport renewal in BLR. So, where do I have to attend the visa interview now ? HYD or CHENNAI (BLR comes under Chennai consulate).
  15. forumman

    H1B Query

    If there is an option to enter multiple rejections, then you have to enter both rejections. I also got H1 approval.Waiting for the documents from my employer to appear for a visa interview. I heard L1 approvals became more difficult to get in recent years. Are you in EVC or EC model ?