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  1. I would recommend carrying all originals for visa stamping.
  2. cloud92k

    H1B stamping in Canada

    Has anyone taken any h1b visa appointment slot in canada ? Please share your experiences. How many days should we plan to remain in Canada ? Once an appointment is taken, can we alter the dates to a different location ? Please do share.
  3. When I'm trying to take H1B visa appointment, the first available dates for Vancouver are None available. Can i still go ahead, pay the fee & try to reschedule later ? Is there a possibility of dates opening up ? My preference is earliest in to take a date in Nov. could someone please guide.
  4. quick question...I'm trying to take an appointment, It says first appointment available for Vancouver -None available. can i still go ahead and pay the fee ? will something open up later if i pay the fee ? Please let me know.
  5. cloud92k

    DS 160 Query

    could you please let me know your update.
  6. Could someone please guide me on how to get a canada visitor visa. The following site does not appear to be working. Have the sites changed ? Please guide. http://www.cic.gc.ca/ctc-vac/getting-started.asp http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5257E.pdf Also, when are the nearest dates available at any of US consulates in Canada for H1 stamping ? Please guide.
  7. cloud92k

    Planning H1 stamping in Canada in Sept 2018

    Have you already taken an appointment ? I am interested too, but haven't taken appointment yet.
  8. Currently trying to apply for a H1B extension in an EVC (Employer - Vendor - Client) model. Client is not willing to provide client letter. Could someone please guide. Also, please share recent experiences & current trends.
  9. - Call the credit card company and inform them of your travel plans. Capital one does not charge any international transaction fee. - Add AT&T Canada plan prior to going to Canada. Also add Data Plan if applicable. - Hotels Empire Landmark & Riviera are at a walkable distance to Consulate. Per day day cost is around 120+ tax. Riviera has kitchen too. There's an option of single or double beds for same price. Internet speed was very good at the lobby of Landmark hotel and was open to all. - There's a desi hotel a block ahead - Taste of India. There's London Drugs another block away and its similar to CVS (can buy water, juices, toothpaste, bags, etc). Also 7-11 a block away on the other side (downhill). - Taxi from Airport to Hotel costs around 40. Desi taxi drivers accept USD at 1 USD= 1 CAD On day of interview, my appointment was at 10 and I reached at 08:15 and there was already a queue and I was out by 11:30. - No back packs, USBs, RSA Tokens, mobiles allowed inside. Phone & Keys have to stored in locker downstairs. I bought a re-usable handbag from London Drugs for a couple bucks and used it hold my documents. - Retain a CAD 10 dollar bill or two 5 dollars bills as the passport photo machine at embassy accepts only 5 dollar bills. - Once let inside to first floor, they took my passport & I-797, asked couple of questions related to my case and handed me a token number. Then I went to waiting area. They again called me to handover my passport & I-797 after data entry. If the background of photo is not white, this is the time they'll let you know and you can get yourself one at the machine there if you've two 5 dollar bills. Else, you may have to go outside and search. - I kept waiting until my number appeared on the board to go to top floor. Then I went to top floor and waited again for short time. - At counter -3, they ten-printed me and asked to wait again. - Finally I was called for interview. I handed the passport and I-797. Ready with docs & letters in other hand. My case: EVC model. VO: What company do you work for ? VO: Where is it ? VO: Where do you work ? VO: Is your client location same as your employer's location ? VO: Do you've a US masters ? VO: Whats your prior company ? VO: How long have you been in US ? VO: Whats your role at work ? I was pretty straight and brief in my answers. Then the VO stopped for a while and kept on typing. Finally asked me to put my 4 fingers print on the machine. and told its approved. VO took both my Passport and I-797. Came down, collected phone from locker & left. - Next day evening 6:40 PM local time, I got email stating my passport for picked up by Loomis. Loomis is only open from Monday to Friday. Its nearer to airport. - Packed up and checked-out at hotel. - Went to Loomis, picked up packet with passport and I-797. Make sure to carry your ID to loomis. Verified the dates on it. Left from there to airport. Loomis Branch: Richmond Loomis Branch Address: 101 5000 Miller Road Richmond , BC V7B1K6 - While returning by air, the port of entry took place at Vancouver itself. Similar questions again - who's your employer, job role. -Make sure your job history is good and your employer is good. Be clear, confident and be up to the point. All the best !! Hope it helps !!
  10. cloud92k

    Loomis address in Vacouver

    Loomis Branch: Richmond Loomis Branch Address: 101 5000 Miller Road Richmond , BC V7B1K6
  11. cloud92k

    Anybody to Ottawa on July 3rd

    Hi Raj, are you Full time employee or in Employer -->Vendor--> Client model ?
  12. Has anyone got or heard of successful stamping at Ottawa or Calgary (Employee-Vendor-Client model) ? Please share your experiences. Thank you
  13. cloud92k

    Travel to Ottawa,Canada

    may i ask your appointment date. I'm planning to take an appointment soon, but not yet decided on location. I would suggest drive in your own car or travel by plane.
  14. cloud92k

    July 3rd stamping in Toronto waiting on Passport

    Congrats guys. Could you please post your experience (Are you full-time employees or consultants, etc).
  15. Just checked today (06 July 2012): Next available appointment for various locations Vancouver - 62 days Ottawa - 4 days Toronoto - Not Available Calgary - 4 days