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  1. Anyone who got stamping done in Ottawa on February 11, 2019 receive a message from CEAC indicating your Visa is issued? Anyone got an email from Canada Post Yet? Been 3 days already and am waiting to see when the administrative processing would clear. I got some business travel next week. Thanks
  2. vasu_rocky

    H1b Approved Petition not in the PIMS system?

    where do you actually check the status? I logged into the ais usvisa site and could not find anything with respect to tracking
  3. vasu_rocky

    Successful Visa Stamping Ottawa, Canada

    No problem sharing the experience. I was reviewing some previous posts and thought you are/were in a 221G situation. Has that been resolved? If I am mistaken, please accept my apologies.
  4. Ok, time to give back. Here is my stamping experience today (2/11) at Ottawa, Canada Appointment scheduled at 8.15 AM. Reached @ 8.05. Asked for DS160 Confirmatin Page with the picture on it. For some reason I seemed to have misplaced it, but I had the original interview letter and instructions with barcode on it. The security officer said he would be able to work with that. Got in about 8.15. There is a check of documents prior to security screening. Need your DS160, a passport picture, I797, your proof of status in Canada (PR, visa, etc). I have a Canadian PR. You then go through security. Although the email you get says there are no lockers, the folks at the office do hold your phones, keys, etc in a bin. I didnt take any electronics with me so it was a breeze. They kept my watch though. Was asked to go to counter 2 or 3 for initial check of documents (again), and then to counter 4 for finger prints. Then had to wait in the interview line (counters 6 or 7). There were about 10 people ahead of me. Both interviewers were ladies and I saw them specifically asking about the Do You Know Your Rights document that you get in Counter 2 or 3. This can also be found online. I took a quick peak into it. The two folks ahead of me got Pink and Yellow Slips, not sure what their cases were. I think one was a student. Interview Questions 1. Did not ask for any additional documents. What does your employer do? 2. What's your salary? 3. Are you visiting Canada? I told her I have a Canadian PR, she looked at it when I first gave her everything but forgot about it. 4. How long have you been on H1? Asked a couple times since I was way over the 6 year period. 5. Do you have an approved I140? - The answer was a resounding Yes 6. What do you specifically do? I read the original petition and supporting letter that my company had included in it. Make sure your job descriptions match whats in your petition and what you indicate on DS160. The officer said the visa has been approved and I should get my passport within 3-5 days. I am now in waiting mode for information from CPC. Thanks and good luck. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
  5. vasu_rocky

    H1b Approved Petition not in the PIMS system?

    If its PIMS verification, from most cases, usually it should be done in 3-5 business days, could be more not sure. That's what I have heard from several sources. In the past my attorney used to send a copy of the petition to several service centers - apparently that used to resolve the issue. Now my attorney has a standard procedure to copy that to all service centers of whatever they have to do so people don't get stuck. Please keep the community posted so they know how long it actually took for such verification. Thanks
  6. When you go for stamping doesnt matter as long as you can show that you have been in the US legally, meaning a valid status for your length of stay. If you have maxed out your H1B stay, I am assuming you already have an I140, why would you be even granted H1B without that? Good luck with your stamping.
  7. vasu_rocky

    Visa Stamping Ottawa

  8. I dont think there is an issue with doing both together. Just double check what the consulate wants as proof of Canadian residence. I believe your Confirmation of Permanent Residence should work. Regarding waiving fees, I have never heard of anyone waiving any visa fees for whatever reason. If at all, they only charge more in terms of reciprocity fees as well. Good luck with this!!! All the documents that you would normally take without being a Canadian PR are still required. Just because you are a Canadian PR doesnt get you any additional rights/reductions in paperwork. All it does it makes it easier to travel to Canada without needing a visa. Hope this helps.
  9. vasu_rocky

    Visa Stamping Ottawa

    Anyone going to stamping in Ottawa on Feb 11, 2019? Please get in touch. Thanks
  10. vasu_rocky

    H1B stamping in Canada

    You will not have an issue with going for stamping. I believe you dont need to get your visa stamped if you are simply going to Canada and coming back within 30 days. When you land in Canada using your immigrant visa that they gave you, you will get the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) which is a valid document to travel into and out of Canada via a car. You cannot use that for a flight or a cruise, for example. I am not aware of the visa appointment getting any easier because you have a PR. Its all the same since you first need to do the DS160, pay the MRV fee, and then look for appointments, nowhere it says that if you are a Canadian PR you may get the appointment easily than others who are not. Thanks
  11. vasu_rocky

    H1B stamping in Ottawa??

    Just received email from Canada Post saying that the passport is available for pickup. My interview as on April 19 and I got email that its ready to be picked up April 21 @ 9.30AM.
  12. vasu_rocky

    H1B stamping in Ottawa??

    I had my appointment on April 19, 2016 in the morning. My visa was approved and they said it will take 2-3 business days.
  13. vasu_rocky

    Visa Stamping in Canada - US Consulate?

    Congratulations on your PR. I would check with your company legal/attorneys first, but I believe that you can travel to Canada and come back without getting visa stamp, especially if you can prove that you did not go to Canada for visa stamping. This is a more recent rule that passed I believe within the last 1.5 years. If you want to get the visa stamped, it shouldnt be a problem, because your status in Canada is PR and that makes Canada your home country. Most people go to Canada to get Visa stamped and have no issues if you have all the correct documentation. That said, some people get held up on administrative processing, which is still not a refusal, but just much longer (months). If approved, usually it takes 3-5 business days to get your passport with the visa stamped in it. I have been to Ottawa a couple times and that was the case. I am here this week getting my Visa stamped and just got approved this morning and they said it will take 3 days. BTW, to maintain PR please read residency obligations for Canada. I am a Canadian PR, my wife is a Canadian citizen; so its a little different for us. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks
  14. vasu_rocky

    Places to Stay in Ottawa

    Hey, great. I sent you an email. Please call me.
  15. vasu_rocky

    Places to Stay in Ottawa

    Anyone have suggestions on where to stay in Ottawa? I am going there for stamping on April 19. Would be willing to meet up with anyone who is going there around the same time. Please email me at ksrinivas80 at gmail.com . Thanks