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  1. lostpacket

    H1B extension approved for a past date

    @Tiwari Could you let me know what your attorney did ? Were you able to continue to work on H-1B and fix the I-94 ?
  2. Before my 7'th Year H-1B was approved, we received I-140 denial letter from USCIS. The lawyer made a mistake where he didn't specify in 9089 (?) form that this job requires Master's degree. My H-1B was approved, after RFE and based on the appeal pending with AAO for I-140 denial. We have now received the decision from AAO that the I-140 application will still remain denied. I don't know more details other than the denial. Lawyer is saying he will do a couple of things. 1. Appeal again and use that appeal to extend the stay beyond the 7'th year for another year. 2. Apply for EB-3 Q1. In case 1, I don't know if you can re-appeal AAO and even if you are able to do that (in federal court?), can that be used to extend the stay beyond the 7'th year? In case 2, there isn't a lot of time left to go through process of advertising, recruitment and PERM approval. I don't think my PERM will be approved within next 4 months. However the lawyer wants to buy the time, possibly as follows (not his words, but my guess) Q2. If at the 4'th month, lawyer applies for H-1B extension without any I-140 or PERM pending for > 1 year and take the chance that we'll get PERM approved before USCIS sends an RFE requesting I-140 and submit premium processed I-140, will the USCIS approve the extension ? Q3. Shall I start packing my bags 😄
  3. lostpacket

    Mexico Visa Process

    Cool. How do you get the visa to enter Mexico?
  4. I received receipt within 3 weeks time frame. I applied for premium today sorry for late response
  5. lostpacket

    Mexico Visa Process

    Hello My lawyer upgraded my H-1B application in premium today. I want to appear for Visa stamping as soon as possible. I have US Master's and previous Visa stamping was done in India back in 2013. I have the following questions about going to Mexico for Visa interview There is Mexico consulate in NY. I can apply for Mexico tourist visa there. However, I do not have approved I-797A yet. Can I still apply or do I need to wait until I-797 is approved? I live in NJ so NY is closer to me. Which US Consulate would be good closest to me from NJ? I have eliminated Canada because they take time in getting tourist visa and I have very short time (have to go to India in the first week of December)
  6. This is a pathetic example of the immigration system in the USA. An application approved by USCIS is not honored at all by DHS. Worse, the Visa approved by DHS is not honored by officers at the port of entry. They should do all the verification first (no matter how long it takes, including site visits and all other "background" checks) and only then put the H-1b seal directly on the passport with certainty. Unfortunately, I can only vent about it. No one in the department of state cares.
  7. When did you file the application? Which service center?
  8. This is a tricky situation. Consult a lawyer. Unfortunately, you cannot do premium as that seems to have been the only option.
  9. Filed on July 3'rd. I am still waiting.
  10. Refer this as an example. I am not sure why it is delayed for you.
  11. April 10 ! OMG ! That's very late. My application was filed on 07/03 and still waiting for receipt.
  12. lostpacket

    Vermont PRocessing Time

    I am sorry I can't comment on your situation. May I know when did you get your receipt number after filing the application on May 31'st? Was it premium or regular?