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  1. arnkrishn

    EAD approved - how to monetize blogs

    Hello My wife got her EAD card a week ago. She has been on H4 all this while and doesn't have an SSN. She is planning to start her own blog now and would like to monetize it as well. Now that she has the EAD, what would be the right steps for her to legally earn money from her own blog? Can she apply for SSN? Really appreciate your inputs. Regards Arun
  2. arnkrishn

    Applicant's name in EAD application(I-765)

    Sure, we called up USCIS and they said the name on the passport should be fine for EAD application. The application would itself be a way to communicate the change to them.
  3. arnkrishn

    Applicant's name in EAD application(I-765)

    Thanks Jairichi. No, we haven't updated USCIS/ CBP about the name change. What is the right process to do that? Really appreciate the feedback.
  4. Hello I have an I-140 approved and am planning to file EAD for my wife who is on H4. My wife recently got her name changed(maiden to married name) on her passport. However, her I-94 and H4 visa still have her maiden name. Which name should we use in I-765? Please suggest. Regards Arnkrishn
  5. Hello Here is my situation. In my fiance's passport the surname field is blank and the given name appears as LName MName FName. Here LName = Last Name, MName = Middle Name and FName = First Name We are planning to apply for her H4. I know I can fill up the DS-160 with her Last Name=FNU and Given Name=LName MName FName(as in her passport). I believe on her visa they will put her Surname=FName and Given name=LName MName. This could cause problems when she arrives in US and would apply for a driver's license. I faced the same issue during my F1 visa 4 years ago. I had to then alter my name in my passport before my H1 got filed. I have a few solutions in mind to this issue and would highly appreciate suggestions/advise from this forum: Solution 1 Alter her name in the passport to make sure LName shows up in the Surname field and FName MName shows up in the given name section. I believe I can submit DS-160 before we submit the passport for name change and then before going for the interview submit a new DS-160 with the altered name. This way we can take the appointment date we want and won't have to wait for the passport to get altered. Solution 2 Submit DS-160 with the current passport. Go to the visa interview with the marriage certificate. Would the consulate change the name on her visa to Surname = my last name, Given name = Her FName based on the marriage certificate? Or do I need to get a name change (maiden name to post marriage name) done in her passport? How long does the maiden name change take? Solution 3 Don't do anything before the visa interview. Come to US, get the name change done in the passport. My question here is, would the visa be valid after name change is done in the passport? Can it be used to get additional documents like ITIN, driver's license as the name in the passport would be different from the one in the visa? Thanks a lot for your patience in reading through my case. Appreciate any suggestions. Regards Arun