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  1. GC10-11

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    My H-1B expires in November end. I have a EAD (currently valid till April 2016) from a pending I-485. Should I pursue H-1B extension or use my EAD (when H-1B expires) and keep renewing EAD until I-485 gets approved? Any disadvantages of not renewing/extending H-1B? Thanks!
  2. Hi, In my original birth certificate, there is no mention of my last name, Is this ok to be submitted with my I485? thanks!
  3. GC10-11

    H4 visa (H1B-expired passport)

    Thanks to all!
  4. GC10-11

    H4 visa (H1B-expired passport)

    I-94 is valid until Nov.2015.
  5. Hi, My wife needs to go for H4 visa stamping in India and my passport has expired, and am in the process of renewing it (I am in US and I hear it might take 6-8 weeks). Does my wife have to wait until I renew my passport to apply for her visa? Can she go for her visa while I submit my passport for renewal/reissue? Thanks!
  6. GC10-11

    need new H4?

    I recently switched jobs and got my H1B approved recently. Do we need to file a new H4 petition for my wife? Thanks
  7. GC10-11


    Thanks, Pontevecchio. YMMV, really? Could you shed some light, especially on how one could be in H1B status when only the LCA was filed on the last day and no other H1B petition has been filed/pending? Thanks!
  8. GC10-11


    In a layoff scenario, in order to be in H1B status, should a new company file the LCA by the last day in the present job or should the I-129 be filed by the last day? Also, would I be eligible for a 3-year extension on the H1B extension by the new company based on an approved I-140 with my present company (assuming that they keep it pending)? Thanks!