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  1. simplydeb

    STOP-OVER in Doha via Qatar Airways

    I am looking to do a round trip to India from US via Doha on Qatar Airways. My duration of the round trip is more than 30 days and I am planning to have a stop-over in Doha both while going and coming back. Please let me know if anyone has done a similar stop-over in Doha for both the outbound and inbound journey. Any information related to this will be much appreciated. I am planning on a 1 day stop over both while going from US to India and while returning from India to USA. I plan to exit the airport and stay in Doha hotel both times. Will I be issued a visa on arrival both times considering my entire round trip is exceeding 30 days?
  2. Hi, I plan to travel to Mexico during Thanksgiving this year. However, my H1B visa is only stamped till March 2020. During my travel in November I will have less than 6 months on my visa validity. Will that cause any issue at port of entry while returning to USA? Thanks! Deb
  3. Hello Friends, I am on H1B visa which is approved till Mar 2020. I travelled to Cancun,Mexico this month and while returning from Cancun, Southwest didn't allow me to do online checkin day before. I had to check in manually on the day of travel. Has anyone passed the same issue while travel to Mexico on Southwest? Thanks! Deb
  4. I am an Indian national on H1B work visa. My wife attended her H1B-H4 Change of Status visa interview in Canada. She was issued a 221g form for admin processing, returned her passport and told to wait by the VO. We are thinking of voluntarily withdrawing this visa application and reapplying for the same H4 visa from our home country India. What consequences will this withdrawal have on her reapplication from India? Will it adversely affect or prolong her visa processing time upon her reapplication? Is there any form/formal process for withdrawing her visa application? Can she schedule online a new H4 visa application in India while her initial H4 visa application is under administrative processing in Canada?
  5. simplydeb

    H4 visa stamping in Mexico

    She isn't going for COS stamping. She entered USA on H4 visa and since her H4 visa has expired since then she wants to get the H4 visa restamped in Mexico. Is that going to be an issue?
  6. simplydeb

    H4 visa stamping in Mexico

    My wife has her H4 visa stamp on her passport(done in Feb 2013 in India). That H4 visa has expired earlier this year. Last year she did a COS from H4 to H1B and currently is working on H1B. She is planning to go out of US and return on H4 visa and then apply for H4 EAD here. Is she eligible to go to Mexico for getting her H4 visa stamping done there? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I changed my job 3 months back and my H1b with my new employer A is pending since July 2013. My wife has an approved H4 visa with my old employer B which is valid till 2015. Can she travel on that H4 visa and not face any issue at POE which will be JFK? Thanks, Deb
  8. simplydeb

    b2 visa extension

    Hi, My mom's 6 month visa and I94 is expiring in Aug. I want to extend it by couple of months as she is not well enough to fly and undergoing medical treatment. Regarding her extension I have a question while filling the I-539. I have changed my employer recently and my H1b application with my current employer is not yet approved. What shall I fill in about my employment details. Shall I give my old employer details for which I have approved visa and I797 or do I give my present employer details? If I give my present employer's details will the H1b receipt number suffice? Thanks! Deb
  9. simplydeb

    h1 to h4 and back to h1

    My wife had H1b visa with validity from Oct 2011 to Sep 2014. She worked on that H1b visa from Oct 2011 till Jan 2013. Then her project ended and she transferred to H4 visa on Jan 2013. Now she has got a job offer and an employer is willing to do the new H1b filing. How soon can she start working? Can she join work as soon as her H1b receipt is generated? Or does she have to wait for the H1b to be approved before she can work?
  10. Hi, My employer has terminated me and is paying 2 months of severance pay on a biweekly schedule. After that employer is going to withdraw my H1b visa. How much time do I have to find another employer to transfer my H1b? Thanks, Sam
  11. simplydeb

    Is H4 visa stamp required?

    Hi, Recently when I went to India I got my H1b visa stamped at the consulate. My wife also got her H4 visa stamped. Now I am thinking of changing jobs and my wife has to goto India as well. Will she be required get her H4 stamped again at the consulate? Thanks! Deb
  12. Hi, My wife went to India and had to get her H1b visa stamped there. However, she got a white form(221g) and her visa is in administrative processing. I am working here in US on H1b. Can she apply for H4 visa while her H1b visa is in administrative processing? Thanks! Deb
  13. simplydeb

    B2 visa appointment

    Hi, I will be in India for my visa appointment(H1B) stamping this month. I plan to sponsor my mother-in-law as well for B2 visitor visa.My interview is scheduled for the last week of January. Can my mother-in-law also appear for her B2 visa interview during the same day? Or should I schedule her interview in 1st week of February so that hopefully I will have my H1b visa stamped on my passport by that time. Thanks! Deb
  14. Hi, I will be travelling to India this month for a short trip. I have one I94 which is stamped on my passport. I have another I94 which I received with my recent H1b extension. So do I need to handover both the I94s while departing USA or just the recent one? Thanks! Deb
  15. Hi, How many times can I cancel and reschedule visa appointment at Chennai consulate? Thanks! Deb