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  1. Hello, I am going to be in Vancouver for stamping and open to sharing accommodation from 9th to 13th. Let me know if you are as well.
  2. gates2017

    Vancouver Visa Stamping

    None available, but there are occasional cancellations that keep popping up.
  3. Thank you very much putting this together, this is still the most complete list that I could find though all of them do not apply to my situation. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this.
  4. gates2017

    221g in Vancouver

    I am going for stamping in Vancouver next week, any pattern that you can see who got 221g's? FTE's, Consultants (EVC, EVVC)?
  5. Any one in Vancouver for visa appointment on 26th to share accommodation?
  6. Hi, I am currently in USA on a F2 visa for 3 months, took a (UN-PAID) leave of absence from my current job in Hyderabad, India. I am going for a L1-B visa interview after I return to India and I have a few questions I am worried about answering and looking for help: Will I be asked about my 3 month stay in USA on F2 visa right before L1-B visa interview? My last 2 month pay checks will show Rs.0 as salary, will I be asked for pay slips in the interview? (The L1-B process has been going through company process for a while now, and my un-paid leave has been a planned one). Any suggestions on best way to answer about my un-paid leave and stay in usa? Thank you in advance.
  7. I found out that "a H1B extension can be applied if the PERM application is pending for more than 365 days", so a year from your priority date, even if your perm or i140 is still pending you can apply for a H1b extension of 1 year.
  8. Agree. any ideas on ability to change employer after moving to H4 after 6 years and PERM is in audit stage?
  9. Hi, I am currently in my 6th year of H1B, my H1b is set to expire end of october (Oct 31st). My PERM is currently in audit, and Priority date is March 2nd, 2014. H1B expiry: Oct 31st, 2014 Priority date: Mar 2nd, 2014 I am converting to H4 under my wife from Nov 1st, 2014. I will be applying for a H1b extension of 1 year using the 365 day rule, where after 365 days after my priority date I can apply for a 1 year extension as my immigration process is still pending. With this I should be able to start working again on Mar 2nd, 2015. I am trying to understand what other options I have? 1) when can i start applying for a new H1b (without leaving the country for a year)? 2) Can I switch to a different employer? if so when? Kindly share any feedback. Regards.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation, i didn't mean to doubt, it was more of getting a clarification and to know if there are any strings attached that may apply to my situation. Thanks again!
  11. Hi, My 6th year on H1B will be complete on Nov 15th of this year, my Priority date is Jan 15th, 2014 and my PERM application is being audited. So after Nov 15th i will be out of status, and have to either leave the country or move to H4. I am trying to determine what options I have, my attorney proposed the option where they can apply for 1 year H1B extension starting from 365 days after the Priority date. Based on this, i should be able to get H1B approved with start date of Jan 15th 2015. Can any one confirm the feasibility/validity of this? For the period between Nov 15th '14 and Jan 15th '15, I am looking into alternatives but if the above is going to work that will help me figure out a plan as i will be out of status only for 2 months. Thanks.
  12. gates2017

    H1B and H4 visa stamping together

    1. Should I need to fill two DS-160 forms for my H1-B and my wife H4 Yes, two DS-160 are needed. 2. Can I submit both DS-160 forms now before marriage when scheduling appointment. I think that should be ok, as no checks are done as far as I am aware. But better you have some addtiional time between marriage date and visa date. I believe this is ok but haven't done it myself. 3. In my DS-160 form (H1-B) should I need to select MARRIED or SINGLE. I will be scheduling appointment after marriage. Dependent details will be populated only if I select MARRIED. Same as above. I have done the joint appt myself and two DS-160's.. you do two ds forms but you can schedule just one appointment for both so you get the same time-slot for the interview..
  13. I am outlining all the steps here so it would help someone who is looking for the current procedure.. Steps: DS-160 Fee Payment Scheduling the OFC appointment and interview appointment at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/ OFC interview: Docs: Passport + DS160 confirmation + Appointment letter Fingerprints and Photo taken, was completed in 10 min. Visa interview: Passport + DS160 confirmation + Appointment letter at the gate Once inside, security check In the first set of counters, you will show your I797 and supporting docs (I129 + LCA) Then move to fingerprint verification Then the final visa interview Interview: I am a FTE, who have worked in a EVC model in the past.. questions: Which company? (Telecom) Do you work for the company or at a client location? Where do you work? How much are you paid? Have you been in the US before? (my case, yes.. i am on H1 after F1) what is my highest educational qualification? How many years of experience do you have? straightforward and easy questions... Questions i have seen asked to others: What are your duties? Explain what kind of programming you do? (the guy coded chips for use in household electronics) On-site or client-site was a key question for all.. Tell me why you are the only one eligible to be sent to the US? what are the differentiating qualifications? **Overall I haven't seen any rejections today at the chennai consulate, most of the visas i have come across are F1 and B visas and no rejections that i Have come across today... it was easy and smooth for me, may be had to do with me being a FTE. Good luck for others.
  14. Hi, Here is my situation. I have recently switched to a consulting position from a full-time position and I currently have an unexpired visa stamp in my passport for my H1b with my old full-time employer. I am planning on a trip to India and am hoping I could skip the visa interview and use the H1B visa stamp from my old employer along with my new H1B approval notice at the port of entry. I would like to get feedback on this: Has anyone tried this? Does this always work? Here is the info from the murthy forum FAQ: Question 20. If I have a valid H1B visa in my passport and I leave the United States, can I come back and work for a different employer without having to go through the USCIS?Top No. One must have the new company's H1B petition approved through the USCIS, since each H1B petition is employer specific. This applies to any company for which one might work, whether or not s/he already holds H1B status. However, if the visa has not expired in the passport, but now one has a new H1B petition approved to work for another employer, it is possible, in most cases, to use the old H1B visa and show the new employer’s H1B approval notice to obtain a new I-94 card at the port of entry. The new I-94 card should have an expiration date that matches the expiration date on the new H1B approval notice. If the USCIS officer makes a mistake and only issues an I-94 card valid until the expiration date of the visa, one should request at that time that the officer indicate the correct date. If the officer refuses to correct his/her mistake, then one should ask respectfully to speak with a supervisor. If one later notices an incorrect date on an I-94 card, one should immediately consult with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss what steps could be taken at that time to resolve the situation. Please share your experience if you have used this option. Thank you in advance.