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  1. Hello Experts, I recently downgraded from EB2 to EB3 (Oct 2020). I have received my receipt notices last week. I am interested in a job role within my company. Below are my questions - 1. If the job role is same or similar, I understand that we can change jobs after 6 months of pending I-485. I have two dates on the receipts (received date and notice date). Which date will be considered for the 6 months clause? 2. As it is a downgrade, my I140 has been applied as well. If I consider taking that new role, is there any benefit to doing a premium processing for I140? 3. If the job role is not similar to my current role, would I have to apply everything including PERM from the beginning? In this case, would I be retaining my original PD. 4. If I get my EAD, does the job still have to be similar if I want to move? Thanks in advance.
  2. rpraneeth

    Visa Appointment Questions

    Any expertise on this??
  3. rpraneeth

    Visa Appointment Questions

    Hello Experts, My wife changed her visa from H4 to F1 last summer (stamped). Now she is planning to move back to H4 and get her visa stamped. While booking the visa date, the questions for interview waiver are a little confusing. Below are the questions - 1) Do you have a previous H4 visa? A) Yes 2) Was your most recent H4 visa lost or stolen? A) No 3) Is your prior H4 visa annotated "clearance received" or "department authorization"? A) No 4) Was your most recent visa issued after your 14th birthday? A) Yes 5) Were you denied any kind of US visa after your most recent visa was issued? A) No 6) Is your prior H4 visa from the same petitioner? A) Yes 7) Is your prior H4 visa still valid? A) No 8) Did you previous H4 visa expire within the last 12 months? A) Yes (stamped F1 last June) 9) Was your most recent H4 visa issued in India after 2008? A) Yes After this, it says that you are eligible for the drop box. Is this right? Am I answering all the questions correctly? I am more confused as the most recent visa is F1. Would be really great if someone can help me here. Thanks in advance.
  4. rpraneeth

    H4 to F1 to H4

    Thanks again for the inputs @ rahul412
  5. rpraneeth

    H4 to F1 to H4

    Thanks rahul412. Does anyone know if we can apply for H4 EAD while the candidate is outside US?
  6. rpraneeth

    H4 to F1 to H4

    Hello Experts, My wife currently is in F1 status and finishing her MBA this May. As she doesn't come under STEM, she will get OPT only one year and chances of her finding an employer who will file an H1 are less (she has a medical background and we live in a small town). So, I was thinking about changing her back to H4 and apply for EAD (I have my I 140). Do you think this is a better route than going for OPT and H1? Do you think will she have problems with stamping (planning to get the H4 stamping done before the May 26th EAD date)? Thanks for the inputs!
  7. rpraneeth

    F1 COS to H4

    Hello Jairichi and others, My wife is also in a similar situation but she has her F1 visa stamped along with the previous H4 visa (which was not cancelled when the F1 was stamped). Will she have to go back to India to get a new H4 stamp to be considered as an H4 and avail the EAD services? If she needs to change her status, can she do it in in the middle of the semester (she is in her final semester)? Thanks, Praneeth