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  1. I work from home full time on H1B for last few years. My LCA and H1B has my house address as work location. Whatever needs to be done legally for paper work, that was completed by my company attorney. My question is , is there a chance that at the port of entry they will question or create an issue because of work from home situation?

    What all the documents I should carry while travelling?





    Is there anything else?



  2. Here is my situation.


    I 'm in US since 2007

    2009 till 2013: I worked for company A. They did my green card process and have I140 approved with them

    2013 till 2014 for 5 months, I worked for company B. After joining they told me that they don't have plans to do my GC

    2014 Feb till date I work for Company A again. They had a position vacant and they re-hired me. They didn't revoke my I140 so I'm back in GC queue now.

    Recently my company sold their IT division and created a new company.Now I'm part of the new company. My attorney said we dont need to re-file H1B again for new company. He mentioned that I just need to show the sale document during stamping . As the new company has taken over my H1B, I don't need to do any additional process.

    More over I work remotely.


    I'm working for US based company. So, there is no issue with the documentation. I can provide any document which the visa officer asks.


    Given this situation. I plan to do stamping in Mexico or Canada.   Do you guys see any issues in getting stamping outside India given this situation ?




  3. My wife entered US on H4 and she completed her MS on F1 visa. Currently, she is about to complete her 12 months OPT period in DEC 2014. She willapply for 17 months OPT extension in september and plan to go India for Stamping. Her native is Hyd so she will be going for stamping at Hyd consulate. Is it safe to go for H4 to F1 OPT extension stamping in India?. Can she go for stamping in Canada or Mexico? Please suggest.



  4. I worked for Company A until May 2013 and for Company B from may till Nov 2013. In Dec 2013, I joined back company A and they filed for H1 transfer even though I had valid H1 from them until 2015 and they didnt revoke it. Now My H1 transfer from company B to A is in RFE.

    My question is can I use my old H1 for Company A which is not revoked and still valid?


    Please suggest.