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  1. kavindra

    B2 visa expiration date differs from I-94 date

    Hello everyone, Parent's B2 visa expired on May31st, and as suggested they are continuing to stay in USA until 1st week of Aug. If I apply for extension of the stay, and once approved, will it grant them another 10 years of B2 visa with a renewed I-94 OR only renewed I94 will be given? Please advise
  2. Hello, My spouse's H1B visa will expire by end of September 2020, she does not have PERM filled (No GC filled). She has spent close to 5-6 months outside USA during past 6 years. Q1: Is she eligible to recap the time spent outside the USA? If yes, Q2: What's the procedure, please let me know what forms need to be filled? Q3: Can we file it ourselves or we need to file through an attorney? Q4: Typically, how long does it take to get an extension approved? If it is not approved by Sep then can she continue to work or she needs to change the visa type to H4? Please respond and thank you for your replies -Kavi
  3. kavindra

    B2 visa expiration date differs from I-94 date

    Thank you for your replies
  4. Hello, Currently my parents are in USA on Visitor's Visa (B2), they arrived on the first week of Feb-2020. Their B2 visa is valid until May 31 2020. However, they were given I-94 until Aug 1st week of 2020 by the CBP officer at port-of-entry Q1: When should they leave USA, by May 31st (B2 visa expiry date) or Aug 1st week (I-94 date)? Q2: Do I need to do any paper work If I want them to leave after May 31st? I may want them to leave USA after current Pandemic situation gets better in India Please advice, thank you for your reply
  5. Hi friends, My H4 visa (stamp on the passport) expired on Mar 2014. I am currently in USA, and I have a valid H4 petition approved valid until Jan 2017 On April 1st 2014, I applied for H1b visa but I don't know wether I got picked in the lottery or not. Assuming If I get H1 visa approved then: Questions: 1) Does my status changes immediately from H4 to H1 or only after Oct 1st 2014? 2) I know I can't start job until Oct 1st 2014. So If I go to India (on H4) during summers, and come back before Oct then do I have to go for H4 or H1 visa stamping? 3)Do I have an option to enter on H4? and If I leave USA (after Oct 1st 2014), then go for H1B visa stamping? thanks much in advance kavi
  6. Hi, I'm in the 7th year of my H1B, with I-140 approved from the current employer. My next employer is asking me to start as-soon-as they receive H1B visa transfer receipt notice. They are filing visa transfer under regular processing (this may take upto 3 months). 1) Should I wait until my petition is approved or join them upon reception of the receipt notice? 2) If I join upon receipt notice, what are the chances of H1B visa transfer rejection (based on current trends)? 3) If I join upon receipt notice, what if the transfer get rejected? My employment would be regular full-time. thanks
  7. Hello, I've completed majority of the courses while on H4 visa, and then I changed it to F1 visa (September 2011). I would be graduating in Spring 2012 (May), and would apply for OPT. H4 visa stamping is already expired (december 2010). So far, I haven't gone for F1 visa stamping. So my questions are: 1) Is it safe to go for F1 stamping while on OPT? 2) What are the chances of getting F1 visa approval? 3) Will it make any difference if I go to Canada vs India? 4) Please let me know if anybody has ever been in such situation? If yes, please share your experience thanks for the reply, Kavi