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  1. Part 1: OFC appointment I would like to share my H1-B visa appointment experience. Jan 20 - OFC appointment Address and how to arrive at the location The address in Chennai is No. 92, Kodambakam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai The VAC(OFC) is in the same building as the samsung showroom. Very close to nungambakkam station if using the train. Use google maps if in doubt. It shows the correct location. What to bring and what not to bring: Bring your Passport, DS-160 confirmation page, and appointment printout They allow switched off mobile phones, small purses Do NOT bring a big bag There are restrooms on the lower level if needed There is a security locker facility but did not see any one use it There is an (unofficial) DS 160 centre that prints DS 160, helps with corrections, submitssions etc Experience: My appointment was 10 AM and I arrived at the location at 9. At this time, candidates with 9/9.15/9:30 appointment were forming the line. I waited in the area. There are few hotes (not the best experience) and other shops for tea/coffee/water etc I was allowed to stand in line starting 9:30. The line is sent into the facility and upstairs (2 floors walk). Those with kids are not given any priority here, you have to wait in line although the waiting time is not much Once you go upstairs, one person checks the above 3 documents and "stamps" the DS-160. Then you go to the next floor for fingerprinting. Here at the entrace they again check the three docs and you move to the securty check area. Following that you move another counter (again they check the same docs and affix a sticker to your passport). Then you move to the next counter 9lot of jobs for these guys since we have 3 sets of people performing the same task!!) who gives you a token that will be used to call you for the pic and fingerprint. you will be in a seated are similar to visa appointment or DMV office. Wait until yor token number is called. Mine took 10 mins. There is drinking water and restroom available here (bonus : cranky kids also available). Once your token number appears, go to the assigned window. They check passport against DS 160 and I was asked full name, date of birth, reason for travel and passport number. Then you will do the ten-printing and following this your picture is taken. This is pretty much the end of your OFC appointment. Note that for those of you picking up your passport, this is the same location where you will arrive for pick up of passport.
  2. F1struggle

    H-1B extension visa stamping - Drop Box

    Hope you received the passport
  3. F1struggle

    H1-B Stamping - first time

    Same responsibilities and title.
  4. F1struggle

    H1B Stamping without Ammendment

    I believe same MSA does not need amendment; but client change would require an amendment...
  5. F1struggle

    Visa Interview - But Different Job Profle

    Sorry, I cannot help much but I have the same question! I have the exact same scenario - I am FTE; so no vendor/client relationship. My job responsibilities are the same but the business area is different. Job title is the same too....My company moved its location, same MSA and my employer told me no need of amendment for the location.
  6. F1struggle

    H1B Stamping in Montreal

    I stayed at the DAys Inn near the consulate. There is a mariott too nearby. Very cool consulate and relaxed atmosphere. Montreal is a beautiful city, enjoy!
  7. What if client/location is the same, is an amendment still needed?
  8. F1struggle

    Visa Refused at Hyderabad Consulate

    I wonder why a FTE will even need such a document? I believe, correct me if i am wrong, FTE does not need client letter or SoW, etc; just pay slips should be good.
  9. F1struggle

    H1 Visa Interview @ HYD DEC 22 11:30 AM

    thanks for sharing! and safe trip back
  10. F1struggle

    Successful Visa Stamping - Chennai Dec 29

    Sorry, followup question - did you receive your passport yet?
  11. F1struggle

    Successful Visa Stamping - Chennai Dec 29

    thank you so much, i am travelling in one week and a little nervous!
  12. F1struggle

    H1-B Stamping - first time

    I am on H1-B status and am traveling to Chennai. I will require a visa for re-entry and I have prepared my documents. I work for a direct employer( client) and there is no employer or vendor between me and my job. I recently changed my project within the same group (job title, day to day duties and responsibilities are the same i.e.: systems analyst; business area is different). Do I need to update my H1b for this? I am travelling in one week. Also, how to prepare for the appointment; I am little nervous!
  13. Yes, a copy is required. Your employer should be able to share it with you. There is no need to cancel your trip, just request the employer to share 129 with you.
  14. F1struggle

    Chennai dates

    thanks a lot!
  15. F1struggle

    How long for Passport return?

    Thank you !