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  1. hi srik99 when did you book your appointment? i am trying to book visa dates in canada and it says not avaiilable until december 2019.
  2. kmodugu0708

    Need Visa Dates for Quebec City

  3. kmodugu0708

    canada visa dates availability

    I am trying to book an appointment in canada (calgary) but dont see any dates until december 2019. anyone see the same ?
  4. kmodugu0708

    Longest Delay for H1b VIsa in Vancouver

    hello vt541 when did you book your visa appointment for vancouver? i am trying to book and see no dates until december. please suggest
  5. kmodugu0708

    I-140 withdrawl after 180 days

    Hello pontevecchio, Can we get h1 extensions and also H4-EAD even though the employer wihtdraws I-140 ?
  6. kmodugu0708

    CAP-GAP Questions

    CAP Gap i-20 Is issued by your SCHOOL DSO... Contact them....
  7. Yes... But the rule has still long way to be real....
  8. kmodugu0708

    Need clarification on H1B extension

    3. Once you got your H1B Stamp...H4 is cancelled... You have to go again for H4 Stamping...
  9. kmodugu0708

    6th Year on H1 - Starting GC

    A new GC Labor currently takes anywhere from 4-8 months... sometimes longer... Make a wise decision
  10. kmodugu0708

    I-140 Approved - Company Closing - H1b/PD Transfer

    As long as 140 is not revoked(Even though in some cases) it should be ok to get H1B Extensions... You can always Port your Priority Date...There is no concept called "transfer my Priority Date"
  11. No problem... As long as your I-140 is not revoked(Even though in some cases) your are good for extensions
  12. kmodugu0708

    H1B Stamping without amendment..

    LCA And I-129 should match... There are some people who got approved without amendment... BUT ITS NOT SAFE....
  13. kmodugu0708

    DS160 Help regarding education section

    If you are issued with a i-20 and if you joined them...thats it.. You need to mention.. Everything is in Records... Doesn't matter if you graduated with them or not...
  14. You need a Lawyer to carefully document and represent your case... Contact Murthy.com
  15. kmodugu0708

    First H1B Visa Stamping in Canada

    You need a Canada Visit Visa to enter Canada.. You need a H1B Visa Stamped to enter back into USA..