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  1. Hello All, I am traveling to New Delhi in December for vacation and to renew my H1B Visa (Stamp) via Frankfurt Airport (from USA). My current Visa stamp expired in October 2015, I have approved I-797 & I-94 till December 2018. My wife recently changed status to H4 (EAD) from F1. Do we need to have a Airport transit visa to travel from Frankfurt Airport? It is approximately 4 hours halt at Frankfurt Airport before I board my next flight to New Delhi (direct). Last I traveled via Frankfurt was in 2010 and there was no such requirement then. Anyone else traveled recently via Frankfurt in similar visa situation? Thanks in advance.
  2. abhi19

    RFE on OPT Application (Regular)

    How it is logical to get every one in class an Internship? What if student don't get Internship offers. I did search CPT guidelines on UC systems and Santa Clara University, CSU San Jose, San Diego, Hayward....no where it is mandatory, not sure how you got this information. Any way I do not want to stretch this more...... Thanks for your time.
  3. abhi19

    RFE on OPT Application (Regular)

    Guys, we got approval for OPT after submitting all documents. We prepared all answers with proof/evidence and it worked. Bottomline from my experience is you should follow all rules correctly and have all documents to prove. TO other members like JoeF & Jairichi: CPT can not be mandatory anywhere, It is always part of electives. Because when you apply for CPT / Interns in company you need to clear interviews to get offer to work. It is not possible to get whole class selected in some company or for any company to offer intern to full class. So if you get a offer and decide to do CPT then you get Credit towards your program, if you don't get offer to work then you take electives to get units/credit I am not making this statement out of blue..I did CPT during recession in 2008 hardly 10% of students in my class got chance to do Intern and I was student in California State University. And now my wife did CPT from another university.
  4. abhi19

    RFE on OPT Application (Regular)

    Yeah many students in her class who got offers they did two CPT's which I mean again is in two semesters not two jobs or in two companies in same semester at all. And this was not through any consulting job but a proper intern in bay area startup. Yes they got 2 credits for doing CPT. In any case her college is preparing all documentation and it seems they get randomly 5-7 RFE every semester and its same for Summer 2015 and they are in same format. @Rahul412 - I do not mean to argue, but I think you did not understand case properly. How it is abuse? Abuse is doing CPT from day 1 in college or full time job through consulting companies or some job in different city. Here CPT is allowed only after college and company signed agreement and with in 15 miles of distance from college. Also it has to be approved by professor and can be done only after one year of academic studies. I see meeting all this criteria. Also I did two CPT's when I was in SJSU and honestly I did not see even small difference between rules I had in SJSU to NPU. So what is abuse? Are you telling state universities are abusing Cpt/Interns like other small universities here. Thanks
  5. abhi19

    RFE on OPT Application (Regular)

    Hey guys apologies for not sharing complete information, no this is not shady college. Its "Northwestern Polytechnic University". It is very old university and not in news for CPT or OPT abuse like some other universities and are very strict in immigration stuff As far as CPT goes it was done as per college and USCIS rule which is starting CPT after one year of Academic studies as Full time student on F-1 visa and company is also with in commuting distance from college and approved by DSO and college staff. In fact we are submitting certification of attendance as evidence she had 100% attendance during CPT. My meaning two CPT's was in two semesters, it was for same company in Spring and Summer Semester, but not two companies.
  6. Hello All, My wife applied for OPT visa in June 2015 and received RFE yesterday. RFE has approximately 10-12 questions which are divided in three sections. 1) College Program 2) CPT details ( She did two CPT's in Spring and Summer 2015 (current). 3) Proof of residency. She is trying her best to get all documents from college at earliest possible and send response back. I wanted to see if any one else had experienced similar earlier or now? Any idea how much is the processing time on RFE for OPT? Appreciate you reply/ inputs/advices in this kind of scenario. Thanks
  7. Hello All, Below is my case, I am trying to find out if my wife is eligible for H4-EAD. I started working Employer A in 2010 on H1B ( First H1B-2010-2013). My Perm got approved in May 2012, Company B acquired my company A in Sept 2015 and then they filed my I-140 and Renewed H1B till Sept 2015. My I-140 was approved with employer B (Succession of interest) in November 2012. In November 2014, I changed my job to Employer C. They got me new H1B renewed for 3 years till 2017. Technically my 6 years should completed in Sept 2016, but now I got approval till 2017 as they used AC 21. Employer C is yet to start my green card process. Since employer C used AC 21 on my previous I-140 and My H1B has one year plus 6 years validity, does this make my wife Eligible for H4-EAD. Please Help.
  8. abhi19

    F-1 to H4 Process

    Many Thanks all of you for quick response.
  9. abhi19

    H-4 EADs

    Hello Attorney, My wife is on F-1 (changed from H4 in May 2014) and doing CPT right now. Now we are thinking of changing status back to H4 after this EAD rule. Can you please provide answer how it will effect in my case. Specially I have this two question. Q1) Do you think it is possible to continue working on CPT while we apply for H4 untill it is approved. I am sure after H-4 approval she can not work. Q2) Is it possible to apply for change of status from F-1 to H4 (I539) and I765 H4 EAD at same time on May 26th 2015. Many Thanks.
  10. abhi19

    F-1 to H4 Process

    Hello all, is there any one who has similar experience. My wife wants to convert from F-1 to H4, due to new EAD Rule. I was trying to find process to do online, but could not anywhere. It will be great if any one can forward me link or help me the steps/process to do this? Thanks
  11. Hi I had a successful Visa Interview at US Embassy in Toronto. It was very smooth and fast. Regular checks before going for Visa Interview. All the process with document check completed in 15 minutes. VO- Questions: How are you? Company Name. What is my title and what I do in company. Highest Degree Visa is approved- you should received passport in one week.
  12. abhi19

    Successful H1 stamping on Feb 21 2014

    Hey did you get your passport back? How much time it takes after approval? Can you please confirm what you see in online status for your application?
  13. abhi19

    Stamped feb 24th in calgary

    Congrats. Any idea how long it takes for embassy to return your passport with visa stamped? Can we do pick up at consulate or how much time it takes to return passport?
  14. Hi I Completed my DS-160 for myself and my wife for applying H1B & H4 Renewal at Toronto. Booked date as well for Toronto Consulate. Just today I rescheduled my Interview for Septemeber 3 week at Ottawa. Do I need to change my DS-160? As per FAQ I can use the Old DS-160. Please confirm. Appreciate your reply.
  15. abhi19


    I need one more information, Initially I booked for visa interview at Toronto and booked date in first week of Novemeber. One of my friend suggested me to give a try at Ottawa consulate for sooner dates and I got date for third week of September. Since I already submitted my DS-160 do I need to request for change anywhere. Because in DS-160 FAQ I see that we can change the consulates for Interview. Thanks