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  1. ranga84

    How to apply for Canada Visiting VISA?

    No You can not come back on H1B in that case.
  2. ranga84

    How to apply for Canada Visiting VISA?

    I also got my passport today, Total time end to end 21 days.
  3. ranga84

    How to apply for Canada Visiting VISA?

    I also applied 3 weeks ago, but going with your replies, I think i will have to wait for few more weeks. Post here when u get your passport back.
  4. ranga84

    How to apply for Canada Visiting VISA?

    Why you dont want to send photos in their prescribed size? I haven't seen anyone intentionally sending wrong size photos for visa/immigration related matters. You can get this size photos from CVS.
  5. ranga84

    Giving Up H1B for School

    Once you resign, your company should inform about it to USCIS. While stamping, they will mark your H1 (if valid) in your passport as cancelled and give you F1 (if approved). For F1, you need to compile all the documents, make sure to bring your I-20 from school you are going to attend, arrange your finances. Since F1 is a visa with non immigrant intention, you need to make sure that you have strong ties back home, so that u will come back once done with studies. These are few suggestions i can think of. Hope it helps.
  6. ranga84

    Info needed for canada visitor visa at NYC

    Its not mandatory, its your wish. If you dont submit, it should not be a big problem.
  7. ranga84

    How to apply for Canada Visiting VISA?

    mention anything, if mentioning H1 stamping, put embassy address otherwise put any hotel/ friend address. This should not be a problem.
  8. I got my stamping in Oct. My Exp : http://forum.murthy....8080#entry98080
  9. ranga84

    Successful Stamping (FTE): New Delhi

    Masters degree with specialization is Software Engineering.
  10. Hi All, I had successful stamping at New Delhi last week. I am a Full time employee and this is my first stamping. COS F1-H1 . Questions asked were: 1. You work for xxxxx? = Yes 2. Job Title. = xxxx 3. Highest Education = xxxxx That's it. I was not asked anything else, not even any document. I received my passport next day. Thanks to you all for contributing to this wonderful forum.
  11. Hi, I am going for Stamping next month. I was told by my school that my SEVIS is still showing my OPT as pending, not approved. My OPT was approved 7 months ago but my school did not update my Record. Now that they found about it, I am very worried about going to Stamping. Although they said they fixed it, but they added it may take months to update record. Will that create any kind of issue during Stamping. Any Experience/Suggestions are welcome.
  12. ranga84

    Canada visa for h1 stamping

    masdha, I am looking at the Canadian Consulate NY website for application process.
  13. ranga84

    Canada visa for h1 stamping

    Hi swiss and chicago, Thanks for reply, Can you guys share what all documents you send with your application? The consulate website says whole lot of diff docs for people on H1 and for people on F1, I am right now on OPT, so technically on F1, but will be on H1 when traveling. If you dont like to share it here and would like to email then please send it to my email. listed on user profile. Thanks.
  14. ranga84

    Canada visa for h1 stamping

    Rashee, I will put the reason as H1 stamping, What I am asking is that Is it okay to apply for Canadian visa without booking the H1 interview appointment with US Consulate in Canada. I want to get the visa first and then look for appointment. Is it safe to do? Anybody done that, Success/Rejection ? Thanks.
  15. Hi All, I want to go for H1 stamping in Canada. Is it safe to apply Canadian visa without booking an H1 interview appointment there? Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.