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  1. kittu1only

    I-94 Expiry Date

    Thank you everyone for responding to my question. I will just prepone their flights.
  2. kittu1only

    I-94 Expiry Date

    Hello, My in-laws visited us and their return flight is on the next day of their I-94 expiry date. Can they over stay 1 day in the US? If yes, will they have any issues in the future when they visit us again? Thanks
  3. Hello, You can work for 240 days beyond your I94 expiry date. For example if your VISA or I-94 expired on Nov 15th 2017, from that date you are eligible to work for 240 days.
  4. kittu1only

    Insulin For Parents

    Hello, My parents are travelling to USA this month and my mom is a diabetic. She uses insulin pens in India and she has to carry a total of 25 pens for her entire trip, can someone suggest me the best way to carry them to USA? Can she carry them in a small cooler in the air plain cabin? If yes, will there be any restriction on number of pens. Please advise.
  5. Did your entire family got the VISA? Any update on this topic?
  6. Hello, I am planning to apply B2 Visitor VISA for my parents and two younger sisters in India. My concern is one of my sister is married and my other sister is not married and she is working in a company in India. Should I send them all together for VISA interview or should I send my parents and Sisters separately? What are the chances of approval if send them all together? Please advise. Thanks
  7. kittu1only

    F1 to Green Card using EB1

    Sorry, it is a typo. Yes I mean EB1A. I did find a website which had detailed information on "Following-to-Join" benefits for spouse and chidren. I am little concerned that the same information on "Following-to-Join" benefits on USCIS website is not talking about Spouse but just on Children.
  8. kittu1only

    F1 to Green Card using EB1

    Hello, Here is my case, hope someone can answer my question below: I am a PhD student here in USA on F1 VISA. I got married during my final thesis. I came back to USA to find a job thinking of bringing my wife to USA under F2 visa but things changed as I could not find a job. Meanwhile I applied to Green Card under EB1C AFTER my marriage and got the Green Card. Now how can I bring my wife to USA? What are the options I had? Please help me. Thanks
  9. kittu1only

    H1B Ext Pending and I-140 approved and H4 EAD

    Thanks Jairichi for your response. I heard that companies with 50,000 plus employees, don't revoke approved I-140 as it might effect future I-140 applications. Is this true? Or is it just an assumption?
  10. I went to India and got my passport renewed under Tatkal which took 5 business days to receive my new passport. So I eliminated my problem before taking my return flight :)
  11. Hello, Here is my case: My H1B extension(4 out of 6 years are completed) is still under processing for last 4 months under regular processing(requested my employer to file premium processing). Two days back I got my I-140 approval notice. In this situation, 1. Can I move to different company while my H1B extension is still pending? 2. If I moved after H1B Extension approval, can I keep my Priority Date? 3. If my previous employer revokes my I-140, will I lose my Priority Date? 4. What Happens to my Wife's EAD if my previous employer revokes my I-140? Thanks Kittu
  12. kittu1only

    Travel from India to US with 4 months of passport validity

    Did you travel to India and returned back with your old passport? What did you do at the end? I have the same situation. Please let us all know what you did.
  13. Not sure if Immigration officer over looked my passport expiry because I travelled twice to india in last 12 months. Once my POE is Chicago and the officer had my I797 expiry on I-94, same was the case when I travelled second time and this time my POE is Seattle. Both the times, my I-797 expiry and Passport expire dates remained the same.
  14. kittu1only

    Passport validity to re-enter USA on H1B

    I just want to make small correction on what Jairichi has written. I went to India last June 2014 and my Passport is expiring in Feb 2015. My I-94 hasmy VISA expiry date but not my passport expiry date. My VISA expire in Sep 2015.