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  1. I was with EMP A from 2010 to 2017 (My PD is EB2 Aug 2010) and currently with EMP C. and we have filed the I485 this week with my EMP A. Is it allowed to file my AC21 with EMP C (current employer) after 180 days of my pending 485 application or is it mandatory to go back to EMP A before I can file the AC21 with any other employer?
  2. SamH1BProblems

    Travel during H4EAD processing

    hi we are also in similar situation, did you get any response from anywhere else ?
  3. I applied for cos from H1 to H4 and H4 EAD and both got approved until Jan 2019 (it was on Jan 2017) . Later I applied for H4 extension along with my husband’s H1 Transfer (he got Full time job) and got approval until March 2020 (Did not apply for H4 EAD that time as we can't apply for extn until 6 months of expiry).I will be applying for H4 EAD extension on July 15th 2018 (180 days before my current H4 EAD expiry) and planning to travel to India in August 18 2018 and get my H4 visa stamped (have approval until March 2020). Can you please let me know if there is any risk in getting the H4 visa stamped as my H4 EAD extension will be in process that time.
  4. Dear readers, I need your suggestion on the situation below: One of my friend recently joined in x client place(American). through some indian based company as contractor to them. The project is controlled by Indian based company (like ***/*****/**** etc..). From the beginning the project is on very tight deadlines from the day one she joind there.(they already wasted 1 year time on the poject by working with offshore resources). Even though they are not paying extra hrs. they are asking to work beyond 8 hrs a day(say 11 hrs ). and recently they asked to come to office on week end to work. when she asked for over time payment for that, they literally said " we will not pay you. you have to come for the work. if not will take hard decision on you" thretened like that. She was actually not keeping well and also undergoing medication prescribed by doctor. The same notified by email to her project manager on saturday that she can;t work on week end. He care a dam abt. it and replied asking to complete the work by evening(which can't be completed in month time too). May be by keeping in that mind he indirectly started saying with other collegues in team that she is waste and not doing anything. Actually no body is guiding properly to go forrward on the work she is handling with lot of dependencies involved. (mean tech lead...manager who should direct / help developers). She was totally upset by their behaviour and her confidence levels collapsed. Already she was not keeping well. In this situation, can she proceed on them legally for not paying overtime and addition to that literally harrasing/ threatening verbally and demoralizing which causing her health damage mentally/physicaly . As she is a contractor anyway they can fire anytime and she also can leave that job at wlll(as per CA law). before leaving can she teach a lesson to them ?? as many know how the exploitation by indian companies will be. Thanks for reading this post patiently.
  5. SamH1BProblems

    SSN number

    Yeah..!!! We went to SSN office. and they gave us the ssn number printout.
  6. SamH1BProblems

    SSN number

    Thanks Chitown01
  7. SamH1BProblems

    SSN number

    hi got h4 to h1b approved last week. and today applied for ssn. one of my friend in same situation applied for ssn (but in different state:Boston) and the next day went to ssn office n got the number..however they mail the card in 2 weeks. when I applied for ssn (i'm in different state:California) they said 2weeks time..(asusual). question is can i go to ssn office again after a day and check they can give just ssn number to me ? is it suggestible ? we r in a hurry coz got a good project, can't miss that one. know that can start working while waiting for ssn card. but vendor is so adament to get the ssn number before start. anybody come across this ?
  8. H4 to H1B : Approved !!! New H1B(from H4 to H1B) - Vermont Service Center Documents sent : 11/16/2011 Documents received by USCIS : 11/18/2011 Notice date : 11/21/2011 Upgraded to Premium :12/16/2011 Approved : 12/27/2011 No RFE received. during the process. Waiting for Approval copy.
  9. SamH1BProblems

    Dec H1 Premium processing

    Hi COSToH1B After upgrading to Premium processing. did the online status changed ? if so to what state ? Receipt date Dec 7th - was the date USCIS updated online after upgrading to premium ?
  10. Finally got receipt number : Premium processing Documents sent : 11/16/2011 Documents received by USCIS : 11/18/2011 Notice date : 11/21/2011 Receipt Number Received :11/28/2011 Will keep you posted.
  11. I am also on same boat. filed on 16th Nov PP.let us know when you receive receipt number.
  12. SamH1BProblems

    chennai : H4 221g pink slip (Admin processing)

    My wife got passport back with H4 stamped on 15th , It was so fast!!!
  13. SamH1BProblems

    chennai : H4 221g pink slip (Admin processing)

    "Hi did your wife got visa..has consulate kept her passport too?" No, But they kept her passport.
  14. Littlebit background : I got married on 25th of Aug. Bcoz of some personal reasons, I alone attended the interview. My H1B renewal stamping : attended 2nd Sept 2010 , got 221g blue slip(marked all docs to submit) Submitted docs : 15th Sept 2010 Requested to submit passport : on 27th Sept 2010, submitted passport on 28th Sept. Got my passport back with H1B stamped : on 4th Oct. My wife attended for H4 in Chennai on 7th Oct 2010, VO raised strange concerns after seeing my H1B stamping date. "why you did not attend with your husband ?" , my wife gave some explanation, VO not even interested to listen her explanation. She was very angry and very rude to my wife. She looked at every doc. required for H4(my paystubs, I797, marriage cert, album, my passport cpoy.etc..) Finally gave 221g pink slip(Admin processing). On it, It was printed , In most cases may take 12 weeks... we are worried a lot, is it a rule that wife should attend along with husband ? I havn't heard this kind of concern anywhere till now. As per my openion VO was wrong, and she should not talk like that. Later my wife filled out a questionnaire(education details, previous work experiences, parents details, husband name, US contact details). What they will verify for H4 Visa ? and How long the process may take ? As I got my Visa stamped very recently,I guess nothing much to verify from my end. then from her end also nothing is there, she already resigned her job. These kind of delays become common now a days, I believe VO intentionally delayed her H4 visa. As we did not attended together and my VISA also processed by her only.(based on the handwriting on 221g form , and how she looks like) , She mentioned during conversation to my wife" you know , your husband Visa process took 2 moths time"