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  1. silverrado

    221G's in Vancouver tracker

    Looks like you have already sent them email and did receive there response. I think you just have to wait. Good Luck !
  2. silverrado

    221G's in Vancouver tracker

    Hi Nrkshc, In the 221g yellow slip there should be an email address, please send them a polite email asking for status and how many more days it will take. They will respond maybe not immediately. But that's acceptable way to check on where things are. Good luck !
  3. silverrado

    Admin processing at Vancouver Canada

    Hi Sonu 1981, I was in the same situation as yours, the admin processing took around 5 weeks for me to clear. It will clear don't worry. Good Luck !
  4. silverrado

    View Appointment Dates without making payment

    Toronto - Nov 24th Ottawa - Nov 17th
  5. silverrado

    ottawa available dates plz..

    Latest available date is November 5th 2015 and I see many available in this month (November'2015)
  6. silverrado

    H1b Available dates in Toronto

    The system does not seem to show any available dates in Toronto.
  7. silverrado

    Traveling to India with old employers Valid I-94

    Hi Prakash1111, Did you travel to India ? Were there any problems while travelling back to US with old employer visa ?
  8. silverrado

    When do you get the passport in vancouver

    Yes, I think at the airport the customs people will check that. I am not very sure about it. If everything goes well you should get it Friday Feb 8th, but it may vary from consulate to consulate. If vancouver then Feb 8th. Good luck!
  9. silverrado

    DS - 160 form help

    Answer is Yes, as mentioned by other members.
  10. silverrado

    successful visa stamping Vancouver @27th dec

    Hi Visavancr, Did you get any update from loomis yet?
  11. silverrado

    USICS - Petition Approved - what next?

    Your Employer, will recieve it by mail in 2-3 business days!! Good Luck.
  12. Hello All, Below are my details: Centre: Vermont Process: Premium Processing Type: H1B Extension Receipt Date: 14th June 2012 RFE Date : 21st June 2012 RFE response Date : 23rd August 2012 Approval Date : 29th August 2012 Good luck to everyone !!!