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  1. I was just informed status of that GC is 'Certified-Expired' What does this mean anyway?
  2. Is it possible to use an old GC that was 140 approved but abandoned. Case is as below: H1B filed and approved: April/May 2007. Started work: Oct 2007 GC filed May 2008 Left US for good: Dec 2008 Not sure what the status of the GC is as of now if employer has cancelled or not cancelled it. But can this GC or its priority date be ever used in anyway assuming employee wants to come back to the US on H1/L1 again?
  3. Sorry to hear about this situation...i personally know people who went thru this. here's what u can definately do. file a COS to B2 and u may get anywhere from the time u ask for upto 6 months. in that time u can either get a new h1 filed and then withdraw the B2 just about the same time when u file the H1. ure only risk is that the B2 should not get adjudicated after the H1. but for the moment file a COS to B2 right away somewhere between now and the end of the 2nd week of Nov. and the people i know did get US visas after doing a COS to B2 so its a tried and tested method. dont worry bud. this too shall pass.
  4. There are no direct flight but I know KLM and Lufthansa have daily flights to AMS and FRA and u can connect to whereever in India...u can easily see which 1-stop flights are available from MEX to major-city-in-India using so many websites...why is this so complicated?
  5. CCR

    Shoplifting -portofentry

    why didnt u think of the consequences before u commited this crime..dosent the $208 feel a lot lot lesser than the headache and trauma u will to now go through to clear ure name. lesson for everyone planning to shoplift. dumb move bud...dumb move.
  6. in order to stay back after the h1 is withdrawn u can buy some time by transferring to b2 status. u can request upto 6 months but the duration given is not in ure hand. since it takes 3 months for adjudication u have atleast that much time to do whatever u want.
  7. As long as the new H1 is applied for ASAP it should be fine. Looking at the timing of things I guess it should be ok. Worst case if they ask for latest paystubs via an RFE you will have them at that point for the last 2 weeks she's worked.
  8. CCR

    Travel to India via London when on H1B Extension

    There is no risk involved if you get a transit visa...but since u've already booked it, cancelling the flight will be an expensive ordeal so the best thing to do is get the transit visa.
  9. CCR

    h1b withdrawal doubts

    You're lucky. you wont need a visa again only a new job offer and an approved petition (i-797). U dont even have to worry about the quota since u've already been counted into it this time. the company will only be withdrawing the petition, they cannot do anything towards revoking ure visa. so once u have a new offer and a new 797 u can use ure current valid visa to travel to the US.
  10. keep it simple and dont complicate it further. just say no.
  11. CCR

    Travel from Canada to USA with a Valid I94 , but no USA Visa

    No ..the whole point of a visa is to enter the country at the borders. Your Miss A will need a visa to enter the promised land of APiites.
  12. CCR

    Buying Tickets for parents - reliable method?

    yes..you can book tkts for them from the US.these are commonly used... travelocity, kayak, expedia, orbitz, priceline and the airline's websites themselves.
  13. your post does not make any sense. You mean you want your H1 and his H4 stamped together. So go to the US consulate website for Jamaica http://kingston.usembassy.gov/how_to_apply2.html When taking the dates both of you choose the same date. simple as that.
  14. Its best if she comes on H4 and searches for a proper job and then transfers to H1 status via a proper company. That being said as others have mentioned is to stay away from desi 'racket/scam' consultants. they are nothing but a pain and getting a 'job' thru them achieves nothing but immediate gratification of an H1B. They will make your life misearble in almost any and every way possible and ultimately in the future this will come and bite you 'you-know-where'. I was about to get into this many many years back till a friend of mine told me that beyond this green patch of picturesque grass is a BIG cliff and a then a facefirst fall into the grand canyon fuelled by a 500 mile/hr tailwind. A very very lucky few survive. If she dosent find a proper job then just have a baby and life will go on.
  15. Yes, that was a typo on my side. I meant un-like. But I guess you get the gist from the rest of my post.