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  1. Hello all, Can anyone having access to view the visa interview dates availability in Hyderabad, please reply with the available dates for the month of June? Thanks!
  2. alladi333

    H1B stamping in Chennai ..is Amendment needed

    1. Yes, it is. You can go together for stamping.
  3. alladi333

    Please advise urgent on Visa stamping

    Yes, you should have your employer name on the visa, email or call consulate to ask them to update the information.
  4. alladi333

    H1B Extension

    Yes, you can. Good luck!
  5. alladi333

    Successful Stamping in Matamoros!

    You don't need any Employment verification letter, I797 is sufficient.
  6. alladi333


    There is nothing on our part to do for the PIMS, Here is the reply from Consulate, when I emailed them about the PIMS: Dear Name, Thank you for contacting the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit at the U.S. Consulate General. While we appreciate your effort to be proactive about your upcoming visa appointment, it is unnecessary to send us this information regarding your PIMS verification. The process of verifying PIMS is completely automated and requires no participation on your part. In most cases, PIMS will have been verified before you arrive for your interview. If it has not been, we can expedite the process on the day of your interview, but not before. In anticipation of your visit, please be sure to review the most up-to-date travel information, which can be found at http://travel.state.gov Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Sincerely, Nonimmigrant Visa Unit U.S. Consulate General
  7. alladi333

    unpaid leave on h1

    Will you be in the States or leave the country?
  8. alladi333

    Successful Stamping in Matamoros!

    You can email Mexico consulate with your questions.
  9. Hello all, I would like to thank Murthy forum and all the contributors to this forum for sharing their experiences which are very useful. This is my H1B extension stamping, I went to Calgary for my first time stamping, click on the link to find my experience detailed. I have carried all the documents mentioned in my other post (link above.) Most of them say we don't need a Mexico visa to go for stamping, but i don't want to take any chances, and it was a simple process depending on the consulate you visit, it is 2 to 3 hours to a day process, here are the documents required: List of Mexican consulates (Link) 1. I 797. 2. Last six month's bank statements. 3. Last six month's pay stubs. 4. Valid passport expiry date at least six months later. 5. Application form. Once I got my Mexican visa and interview appointment scheduled. I booked a hotel room at Best Western hotel Plaza Matamoros, (google it to find) and the manager over is kind and nice person to pick me up from Brownsville to the hotel. The visa stamping is a two day process in Mexico, first day it is about finger printing which cannot be scheduled on the same day as the interview, once the finger printing is done the interview was the next day. My interview was scheduled at 10:00 am, but the person at ASC informed that I can go for the interview an hour early. So I started 9:00 am, after initial security check was given a token and I was asked to wait, and with in 5 minutes my number appeared on the display where they checked my passport and I 797, and asked wait and this time it was just a couple of minutes, I was called at another window for the interview, here are the questions: Me: Greetings. VO: Greetings. VO: Where do you live? Me: City, State VO: Is this your first time Visa? Me: (I had my passport extended, but passed only the new one) explained I had my passport extended and passed my old passport. VO: Do you work for ABC Company? Me: Yes I do. VO: Did you work for XYZ before? Me: NO, I have never worked for them. VO was looking up at something. VO: what is you pay? Me: $$$ VO: Do you have your 2012 Tax returns? Me: Yes I do and passed on the documents. VO just glanced at it and kept it aside. VO: I see you went Dublin recently. Me: No, It's not me. VO: Is you name common? Smiled Me: Yes it is, smiled. VO: What is your role? Me: explained what I do and what are my responsibilities. VO: Client details and what do you do? Me: explained. VO: What do they do? Me: explained. VO passed on all the documents and mentioned your visa is approved and hopefully you can collect it today by 2:30 pm or tomorrow. It took around 5 minutes and altogether 30 minutes from in and out of consulate, went back to the hotel checked out and picked up the passport at 3:30 pm and headed to the border, as it was little busy and it took about 2 hours to get the i94 and enter US. all the transportation from Brownsville to Hotel, Hotel to ASC, Hotel to Consulate and shopping and visiting mall in Matamoros was provided by hotel manager Mr.Salvador, he is a very nice person and took care of us and showed us around and for the food, we tried a restaurant it was very nice to Mexican food in Mexico. There is a restaurant down stairs which is owned by the same hotel and food was delicious and the service is amazing. Please post If you have questions, I will be pleased to provide you with the information I know. **Please do not conclude or assume anything from this post, It is solely my experience.** Good Luck!
  10. Hi Raj, Yes, you are eligible to go for stamping in Mexico, I had my first stamping done in Canada and went for my second stamping on 7th Jan had no issues in Matamoros, Mexico. I will post my experience. Good luck!
  11. Hi Gkk1, Can you please share your experience, if have gone for stamping to Matamoros? as I am planning to go to Matamoros for my extension stamping. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi All, I have a Valid Canada Visa till July 2014, but I have extended my passport which was expiring in Aug 2014 and got a new one along with the old one which had Cancelled stamp on it, so my question is, will my Canada Visa on cancelled passport be valid? Thanks in advance!
  13. alladi333

    H1B Transfer PP. Where to find the clock

    It is an update to your PP Status, when USCIS stops processing your application and comes to a decision, then you will see an update stating that your PP clock has stopped and USCIS has sent you the decision. Good luck!
  14. Hi murthyram, Can you please give some details about how did you resolve this ticket? Whether you have approached an attorney and were the charges reduced to civil ticket? Thanks in Advance!!!