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  1. guls

    Current processing date - ca center

    My H1b extension application was received by USCIS on June 13...waiting
  2. My i94 is expiring on 21st July 2016 (same as passport expiry) and i797 is valid till 30 september 2016. My company lawyers told me that they will file H1 Extension based on approved i140 by month end in regular processing ( since they don't do extensions in premium) Here are my concerns : 1. Since regular processing takes time , would it fine for me to continue working beyond i94 expiry and it won't cause any RFE in pending h1 application? 2. Is it advisable to extend the i94 till visa valid data i.e till sept and then file for extension ? 3. Based on above scenario , what are the chances of getting RFE if lawyers file extension before i94 expiry but case is still pending after i94 expired. Thanks in Advance
  3. Mine was applied in March 2015 and still waiting. It has already elapsed the 40-60 days timeline.
  4. Hi All My company has initiated my PERM process and as I was going through my documents , the resume I submitted to them ( the one they used for h1 filing too) had months mismatched( Instead of start date of project as July 2012 , its June 2012 & end month of previous project is May 2012 instead of July 2012)from experience letters that I have. I have all previous experience letters with the correct dates on it. What would be the correct approach to rectify it ? Thanks in advance
  5. I converted to full time employee for a company last october and going for Stamping next month (in the first week of february) to India. While collecting documents , on form I-129 i noticed that in the summary of prior work experience , it is mentioned that i started working for my previous employer since June 2012 , when in real it was July 15 , 2012. Please let me know what kind of issues i can encounter while stamping ? How should i proceed with it ? I am getting little anxious since i have already taken the interview date and in DS-160 form i have mentioned the real date i.e July 15 , 2012 Thanks in advance !!
  6. I received my receipt on 17th july and approval on 25th july .I filed my h1 transfer under premium processing at vsc
  7. guls

    H1B Processing -Vermont Service Center

    My Case: Applied Date : 14th July USCIS Received Date on Receipt : 16th July Type : H1 Transfer - Premium Processing Online Application Status : Acceptace Center : VSC Fingers crossed !