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  1. wildcats

    Is new PERM and 140 required?

    @pontevecchio and @SameerH1Bworker Thank you for taking time and responding.
  2. wildcats

    Is new PERM and 140 required?

    Hello Friends, I work as a consultant with Company A. They have filed my GC (PERM and 140 approved) in EB2 with priority date 10/10/10. My H1B with Company A is valid and stamped until Jan 2015. Company B has now offered me full-time. 1) Should Company B file for my PERM and 140 again? If 'Yes', I am guessing I can use the previous Priority Date when filing for 140. Is that correct? Is this true even if Company A withdraws/revokes my I140 and PERM? 2) I recently got visa stamp for my current H1B valid until Jan 2015. If I accept the offer and get a new H1, Do I need to get stamped again if I leave the country? Previously, 5 years ago I was in a similar situation where I did not get a new stamp and was allowed to enter USA with the previous stamp and new I797 but I know that a lot of things have changed recently and wanted to be sure about this. Thank you for all of your time!
  3. @jgnjay I was exactly in your situation. I visited India last October and immediately attended stamping at HYD. My case was referred back to USCIS. After waiting sometime until my current petition expired, I have attended another visa interview again at HYD with the extended petition of 3 years. This time I was lucky and approved. On both the instances I had interview of about 30 minutes each. Bottom line is you may be lucky and get approved immediately or may end up waiting quite some time. Just don't plan for a few weeks but mentally be prepared for a few months wait. Good luck!!! PS: I came back to US last month after 5 months and 28 days of wait in India.
  4. EVC Model 221g blue from Hyderabad Waiting since Oct 17
  5. wildcats

    Any EC models with Blue 221G in Hyd

    My wife got a blue 221(G) from Hyderabad on October 17. Still awaiting the decision.
  6. @vidhya 18 My interview did not go as expected. As they say some amount of luck is involved along with lot of preparation. I was prepared with every kind of document they have asked before and I could think of. But luck was not in my favor and to some extent it was expected being on the EVC boat. The officer I faced was very severe, my interview lasted for about 15 mins. VO: Whom do you work for? A: XYZ VO: Who is the client? A: ABC VO: How many people from your company work at the client site? A: just one, me VO: Do you have the client letter? A: Gave He read the whole client letter for 1-3 minutes. VO: Is there a vendor in between? A: Yes, PQR VO: How many employees from the Vendor work at your site? A: Don't know, I have nothing to do with the vendor. VO; Whom do you report to? A: My manager from XYZ VO: Who assigns you daily tasks? A: Manager from the client site but I report my status to both my manager and client manager? VO: How do you report to your manager? A: Weekly status report,etc VO: Who provides you tools for your work? A: My employer provides infrastructure etc the client provides some proprietary software. VO: Based on your answers and your situation, I can not give you a visa. I will request USCIS to "reaffirm" your case. I am not satisfied that your employer has sufficient control over you. Me: So is my visa denied? VO: No, I just have to verify USCIS is aware of the EVC situation blah blah. [My client letter, vendor letter, USCIS letter, LCA, I129 petition everything are in sync and talk about EVC model and client location as work location]. Me: Sir, can you atleast give me a time frame as I own a home there and am responsible for my mortgage. I will need to decide on foreclosing or making some arrangements based on the timeframe. VO: I will give you a case number and you can track your case with that but I don't know how long it will take. He gave me a blue form with "Admin Processing" marked on it. He also said they do not need any additional documentation from me. I have a vague feeling that he is revoking my visa but am not sure as he used the word "reaffirm" and did not give me a denial letter. Guyz any thoughts?
  7. my update Visa Date: October 17, 2011 Model: EVC Status: Blue 221G Admin Processing Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. @mf1 I don't think so. Some one correct me but for form I140 it's title is actually "Immigrant Petition for an Alien Worker". @masdha I think you should mention that your employer filed your I140 and it is still in process. You don't have to spell out it is in RFE probably(?)
  9. wildcats

    Succesful stamping in Hyderabad E-C Sep 30 2011

    @h1buser880 In DS-160 did you finally end up giving the client address or the employer address?
  10. I have my appointment confirmed for October 17. I will post updates after the interview. Others attending interview in HYD please share your experience.
  11. wildcats

    State Tax on my Paycheck

    I agree with what JoeF said. It depends on the state. For instance, if you live in NJ and work in NY, you end up paying tax for both the states based on some agreement between the states. Talk to a CPA.
  12. I think it is the cover letter your attorney/employer submitted to USCIS for your H1B extension/approval. It describes your employer, job requirements, your background etc.
  13. @skd1900 EVC means Employer -> Vendor -> Client, in short I am a consultant working at client location. @EKN Raju Whatever you have mentioned and anything else you can get from your employer. Refer to the HYD consulate site http://hyderabad.usconsulate.gov/advance_doc_submission2.html I am planning to take all of them (or all that I can get from my employer).
  14. Me and my wife are planning for Visa interview in the third week of October. Both of us are H1B (E->V->C) model.
  15. In this section, it is asking for Petition Number, Employer Name and there is a section for "Where do you intend to work?" I work in a EVC model, should this be the end client location or my employer location? I am guessing it should be the end-client location but wanted to confirm.
  16. Hi, I am travelling to India in October 2011. My current visa is valid until Jan 2012. I have applied for and received an approved extension from Jan 2012 thru Jan 2015. Now my question is, when I fill the DS-160 and also when booking the appointment, which I797 approval receipt number should I provide, the one expiring in Jan 2012 or the one valid from Jan 2012. My appointment will be tentatively in October 2011. Thanks for your responses, Gautham
  17. Thank you for all your responses. I have to go in October and can not avoid it. I think I will use the Old I797 while booking the appointment and produce both at the interview.
  18. wildcats

    Perm October 2010

    Applied : Oct 11 Category: EB2 Center: Atlanta Status : Approved on December 1st. Received mail from HR Good luck to everyone waiting ...