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  1. gcseeker786

    Entering US with a few days left in the Visa stamp

    yes you can enter US without any problem. I know someone who enter US just a week before the visa expiry date. I myself entered Canada just 2 days before my visa was expired. You should be fine..just be prepared to answer the immigration officer and show him the approved extended petition. Also keep your employer ph# handy if in case if they question you about the employment ( I am not sure..but be prepared for the worst case).
  2. gcseeker786

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    I am also waiting since JAN 23 2012 and got the pink slip. I was asked the same questions as yours. No update yet.
  3. gcseeker786

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Altaf, Did you got the visa ..looks like you have been waiting since more than 3 months and got the pink slip.
  4. gcseeker786

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Hi All, My experience at Chennai consulate for H1 Interview : 23 Jan 2012 Model : EC H1B : Second stamping VO asked me couple of straightforward questions like 1) Which compnay 2) for how long 3) salary 4) MS from where 5) How many employees in the company Then he started asking questions to my wife 1) date of birth of husband 2) name of father-in law 3) wedding album Then VO said you are eligible for the visa and gave the pink slip an asked me to wait for another call. After 10 mins I got the call from counter 31 and Indian lady asked me the following 1) Any country visited 2) Info on siblings for myself & wife Then said Visa is approved but has to wait for 4-8 weeks and kept the passport and returned all originals like 797 etc. I told Indian lady that first time when I went for H1 stamping it took 8 months to get the clearance an I showed her the visa in the passport with the clearance received. She said this time it will be faster..but God knows..
  5. gcseeker786

    H4 221 g Blue Slip Administrative Processing

    @nasir221g : any update on your side? @saif007 : any response at your end?