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  1. Hi, I recently when to interview in Dec 2014 Vancouver with same travelling project.That was my second visa stamping.All my projects are travelling projects.For my First Visa stamping(3 yrs) there was no concern about LCA's etc at all so didn't research much. Below is my profile I stay in State A ,Employer Company is in State B and My Client location is in State C.After lot of research through contacts , attorney views and suggestions from murthy forum friends found out that we need to have LCA filled in three States i.e. A,B & C which is in my case. In our case you need have LCA filled in two states A&B. During Visa Interview VO asked me VO: Where is your Client Location? Ans: State C. Then checked my Pay Stubs which are in State A VO:Where is employeer? Ans:State B. VO: Where is Driving License? Ans: Gave State A DL. VO: How are commuting to Client Location which is in State C? Ans: I travel every week from Mon to Thru as it is expense paid project. VO: Show me your LCA? Ans: I showed LCA filled with Client Location i.e. State C VO: Immediately VO asked your running paystub in State A and Working in State C? Do you LCA filled in State A & B? Ans: Yes Showed all three LCA's. Then VO was justified and said your working as per law and filled all the LCA's. If you have not filled LCA's in State A & B then you would be in trouble with smile. Then came out the golden words " You're Visa is Approved". From my experience its better to file LCA's in all the work location i.e. Client Location & You're Home location, as you will be working from home on Fridays which will be your working location. If you have any questions email me which is on my profile. Good Luck mate.
  2. sri456

    booked slot in ottawa with old passport

    Hi, I had similar situation..registered with Old Passport for Visa appointment and made visa appointment with old passport. Later I called 703-439-2319. mentioned in https://usvisa-info.com/en-ca/selfservice/us_service_options%C2'> Thanks
  3. sri456

    H1b required documents 2015.

    I would recommend following 1) Pay stubs from start of CPT or OPT Period. 2) State ID or Drivers License. 3) Project Manager Contact Info or Project Documentation to be safer. 4) Bank Statements for last 6 months. 5) All your education certificates. Thanks
  4. sri456

    Original I797 required for stamping ? Urgent

    Yes copy of I-797 is enough.
  5. Hi, Amount mentioned in LCA is the minimum or prevailing wage in that geographic location for your particular position. In the sense you can be paid equal to or greater than the amount mentioned in LCA per month/year but should not be less than that.
  6. sri456

    DS 160 doubts

    Hi, 1) First H1B visa in 2013 ( approved for one year, didn't went for stamping).-->If you haven't gone for stamping then how it will be your FIRST H1B visa in 2013 you should say First H1b petition approved. For this question you need to enter F1 Visa details. 2) Mark it as NO. Thanks Sree
  7. sri456

    Job Title in DS-160

    Hi Jairichi, Yes I spoke to Attorney and my employer they are going to modified as per the LCA/I-129H and they are going issue saying ABC/XYZ as job title in offer letter as role and responsibilities are not changed. Also attorney said that every organization has two Job titles i.e. One Title as per Immigration and another as per Organization/Technical Skills which will used while communicating with clients. Thanks for your suggestions. Please let me know if still there is going to be a concern in mentioning ABC/XYZ in offer letter. Thanks Sree
  8. sri456

    Job Title in DS-160

    Hi All, In DS-160 form we have Job Title and in Offer Letter I have title as XYZ but when I checked in I-129H form and LCA it has ABC. So what should I enter in DS-160 form as per LCA/I-129H or Offer letter. If VO ask me same question what should be my explanation? Really appreciate your help. Thanks
  9. sri456

    DS -160 Urgent

    Hi All, I have visa date on Dec 16th and started filling the DS-160 form. I started this DS-160 in Jan 2014 and was intending to go stamping in Apr but I moved to new project so had to saved my application. In my previous application I have give the old approved H1B application number. Now as I moved to new client and did my H1B Amendment so I want to update the H1B application in DS-160 but unfortunately I am not able to do it as I clicked Submit and Sign button. Should I create new DS-160 form now if so how do i update my Visa Appointment with new DS 160? Or How do I update the existing DS-160 form with new H1B petition number? Really appreciate your help. Thanks Sree
  10. sri456

    LCA Question

    Hi Jairichi/Dandwaa, I contacted my attorney and said we need to file both the location. Thanks for your valuable suggestions Thanks Sree
  11. sri456

    LCA Question

    Hi All, I have question regarding LCA. I am staying in ABC location and working for a client in XYZ location. I travel every week from ABC location to XYZ location from Mon to Thru for work. My Payroll is running in ABC location, so do i need to file LCA for ABC and XYZ location or just work location XYZ is fine. Really appreciate your help Thanks Sri
  12. Hi Yarli543, I have interview on Nov 18th, con you let me know the details where you booked your accommodation so that I can look into.My email Id is on my profile, can you please email the details as it will be really help fully Thanks Sree
  13. Hi Sirisve, If your ok can we share accommodation, if so my email is on my profile Thanks Sree
  14. Hi Ratnakumar, I am unable to see ur email id here. My email id is on my profile can you email me. Thanks Sree
  15. Hi All, I am having an H1-B visa interview at Vancouver on November 18th. Please let me know if anyone is also going on same date so that we can look for share accommodation Thanks, Sree