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  1. Hi, Urgent! I will be traveling to India shortly and have to get H4 visa stamped. I have a few questions and I hope someone can help. 1. What is the current wait time to get an interview date in Mumbai? (please answer if someone has had most recent experience) 2. I currently live in the US but born in Maharashtra. Does it matter which Consulate I go for the interview or am I limited to Mumbai only as it falls under that jurisdiction? 3. DS 160 has a question, "Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal of residence?" I always go for visa stamping in Mumbai, India. Only this time, due to long wait at Mumbai Consulate and urgent travel plan, I am planning to get the Interview at Delhi Consulate. So what should my answer to this question be as the country is the same but the location of Interview is different?
  2. Hello all, In January 2008, I changed my status from H4 to F1 and whilst my visit to India I got my F1 visa stamped which is valid until January 2014. Recently on Aungust 19th 2010, my H1 petition was denied therefore I got my COS from OPT to H4. Now, I'm visiting India and on January 27th 2011 and I got my H4 visa stamped. However, my previous F1 visa was not cancelled without prejudice. I have seen and experienced that under normal circumstances, when the current visa is approved and stamped, the previous visa (in my case, F1 visa)is cancelled without prejudice. I'm wondering if the Mumbai consulate made this error and forgot to stamp or if they left it on purpose? Is there any problem if I jus carry both visas with respective expiration dates or should I contact Mumbai consulate and check with them if this would be an issue at the port of entry? I'm still India and I need to fix this ASAP since I will be leaving for US in second week of MAY. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this query. Thank you!!
  3. Hi, I had my F1 stamped in my passport which is valid until January 2014. After my H1-B petition was denied, I changed my OPT status to H4. During my visit to India (Jan 2011), I got my visa stamped at the Mumbai Consulate. However, no action was taken on my previous F1 visa stamp. So far as I know and have experienced, they cancel the previous visa without prejudice but this time they didn't. I was wondering if they forgot to cancel the previous visa or they left it on purpose. Can someone please help me since I'm leaving for US in May 2nd week. If that's an error made by the consulate, I would still have some time to fix it. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!!